World Hotel Incorporated
101 Bowery Ste 2
New York, NY

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I stayed in this hotel in december 2014 for 8 nights and it was terrifying. I had many clusters of bites all over my body.. every morning fresh bites.. was itching, sore and got infected because I was scratching... had to take medicines. It toke up to 6 weeks to clear off bites marks...

I made reports to this bed bud infestation company but I don't know if the hotel was charged for it.

World hotel 10/29/2013

I woke up in the morning with bites, at first I tought that it mught be mosqitos, but then my friend and I found blood stains on the sheets, so we asked for new sheets, and
when we removed them we saw a bed bug, we searched photos on google and it looked exactely the same!!
Do Not go there!!

26th December 2012 to 2nd January 2013
The most awful 7 nights of our lives! We spotted a number of bed bugs in our "room" (more like cardboard box with a bed) and awoke each morning covered in fresh bites. I even had three bites on my eye lid. The reception staff did not care and did nothing to assist us. We will never stay there again!

I am currently writing this because I couldn't sleep because of bed bugs. We have to stay another night here but I just won't sleep so I don't have to deal with the bugs

My friend was staying at the (New) World Hotel for two nights for a wedding.

Everything seemed fine upon arrival. The next morning, she felt something crawling on her and noticed it was a bug; so she squished it. The bug was shaped about the size of a watermelon seed and it released a deep red, blood like substance after it got squished. So we searched the Internet to identify the bug and with our query, most results identified it as a bedbug.

So we further inspect the room for more sign

s of bedbugs. We found random spotty red blood stains on the box springs, walls, and bedding.

So after we've concluded that there may be bedbugs in the room, my friend proceed to tell the front desk. However, they did not seem concerned or put forth any effort to identify the problem. They told my friend there were no vacancies and they cannot help her.

Clearly this "hotel" does not care about the well-being of their customers because there has been a report from 2008 and they have not done anything to resolve the issue. So travelers beware, this place is harboring bedbugs.

see full report...

we stayed for one night at the so called "hotel". actually it was rather a hotel for bed bugs as we suffered tons of bits...
btw the hotel does not have any windows in several rooms and walls as thick as paper.

We stayed in room #415 on 2/15/08 and there were a LOT of bed bugs. we moved to room #304 and there were a few in that room too.
They charged us $17.00 to move our room because it had bigger beds.
I will never stay there again!!!!

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