Westin New York
270 W 43rd St
New York, NY 10036-3912

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August 28, 2015

We stayed four night in room 1614. Perfectly clean room in every way! Great location. Very clean. NO BUGS!!!!

We stayed at the Westin August 2-6, 2012 and our stay was excellent. We had 2 double beds and no sign of any bed bugs. Our friends stayed at the same hotel this spring and no complaints from them either. No bed bugs!

This is an exceptional hotel that I would definitely recommend.

We stayed at the Westin Times Square in Room 2910 with our family for two nights -- Saturday 6/29 into Sunday 6/30 and Sunday 6/30 into Monday 7/1. I discovered two bite marks close together on my husband's arm as we were driving away on 7/1. I then noticed two bite marks on my foot early this morning - 7/2. I then examined both children. My daughter had a bite that she had been scratching in her sleep. She had first noticed the bite on Sunday night. When I examined her I found two more bites, o

ne at the top of each of her legs. I did not notice any bite marks on our son.

I left a message for the hotel representative this morning around 9:30 and I am waiting to hear back.

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Stayed at the Westin Time Square on June 8th - June 12th. Spotless, no signs of bedbugs, I checked every mattress corner. Great staff and serene hotel despite the crazy busy location. Enjoy!

We stayed at this hotel 1-16-12 and it was a great stay. No sign of bedbugs, room was clean, and the staff was very helpful.

I was a little paranoid of bed bugs and did all the checks to find them. There was absolutely no sign of anything. I even had to switch rooms (to get to a bigger room) and no signs there.

There were other people I knew at the hotel during the same time frame--no bed bugs and no sign of them.

It was a great stay.

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