W New York Union Square
201 Park Ave
New York, NY

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Stayed at the W Union Sq from 9/16/15 to 9/21/15 and my wife got bed bug bites on her arm.

Was confirmed by her doctor when she got home.

I didn't get them.

We just stayed at this W for nearly a week and didn't see a bug anywhere. Great staff provided nice support through the hurricane weekend. No worries with this hotel or Westin Times Square or Meridien on 6th....I've stayed at all of them over the last 6 months.


I was at the W for one night and found a bug crawling in my bed. The manager switched the rooms and swore up and down that it was just a beetle. The next day I woke up with three huge welts on my arm. They told me they had had the exterminator come and that they had said there were no bed bugs in the room (like they would tell me if there were) and not to worry. Regardless I threw away all my clothes and they didn't seem to care. I understand this is NYC and you can get a bed bug

from walking through a clothing store or sitting in a theater seat, but I guess I'll never know.

see full report...

I stayed at the W Hotel Union Square August 9-14, 2011. It is a great hotel. There are no signs at all of Bed Bugs.

I just stayed at the W Hotel Union Square for 12 days and had NO PROBLEMS with BB at all this was from 4Feb-16Feb 2011
I plan to stay there again at the end of March-
Believe you me if I saw even one BB I would NEVER stay there again- I've been staying here for over 12 years......
So until I see one I will continue to be a guest!!!!!!

I have stayed at the W Hotel Union Square on several ocassions over the past six months and have NEVER had a problem with bedbugs.

1/2011 My friend just got back from the W. Oneof our favorite places to stay when we go the N.Y. We usually stay at the W in midtown but we heard that the BB infestation in midtown was dreadful. She called me and told me the BB are now at this W. at Union Square. The Hiton, Sheraton, Plaza and Waldorf also have BB infestation. It's a nightmare.
The BB infestation has become an epidemic. No hotel is safe! Otherwise the W is awesome!

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