Times Square
255 W 43rd St
New York, NY 10036

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room 809 has bed bug infestation

My partner and I stayed at the Hudson on the weekend of February 22. After moving rooms for the 3rd time (heavy smoker across the hall from the first room, even though on a non-smoking floor, I could smell it inside the room; 2nd room had an HVAC thing outside that was very noisy), we ended up in, I believe, room 1128. All seemed fine, but when I got home on Monday I began to have an itch on my lower back. By the next day I had three small bites in a row. They swelled up with clear liquid.

For a good week, at least, they itched. They took a couple of weeks to heal and stop feeling sore. Once I realized what they were I threw my suitcase and coat outside in the cold. Hope I didn't bring any bugs back with me, so far so good and its been awhile. I emailed the hotel about this but all I have gotten in response are offers for special rates at other Morgan Hotel group places.

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So many many many reports of bedbugs at this residence!

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