The Waldorf Astoria
301 Park Ave
New York, NY

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We stayed there this labor weekend with my parents room 2427. I slept in the sofa bed, which by the way didn't have any sheets, I woke up the next morning of the first night with horrible red dots on my arms and legs and itchiness. Bed bugs, I dare say. The sofa bed was in pretty bad shape. The room in general smelled horrible. The price isn't worth it!!

I stayed there for 3 nights, the room is relatively spacious. it seems the windows seals are not working properly? the room was noisy. I requested for a coffee machine, it did not come till the 3rd time I asked which was the last night I stayed here it finally came. Now after looking at other comments, I feel lucky that I did not see bedbugs in the room I stayed. The problem is I have to stay in NYC again, seeing all the reports of bedbugs really concerns me, will bring a hardcase suitcase this

It's quite strange that when I look at the price from or the rate of rooms at same date will be far less expensive than if I log into Hilton HHonors account, and the rep. over the phone insist thru the Hilton HHonors is cheaper than outside price. Never understand how these people do business. It's really meaningless to use this HH card, since you'll end up paying far more.

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I stayed there 7/06/2014 and the room number is #2106. my stay at the was horrible -- the room was old, run-down and dirty and noisy -- one of the pillow smells human hair -- oily and disgusting

And the horrible and worst part is a few days after the trip, the bumps on my left arm turned out to be bed bug bites and are infestering now even after two weeks of the trip!!!

I would never stay there again.

Stayed at the Waldorf in June 2013.

No question the hotel is trading on its name and reputation. Its customer service is non-existent, even for Gold level members.

Their pretended concern (if you post a negative report on Trip Advisor - as I did - someone called Megan Hennessy "Public Relations Manager" will respond, but when you phone the hotel they don't know who she is and if you leave a voicemail nobody responds.

So I am not surprised that one reader writes about awful service.

That is consistent with my experience.

And doormen with hands held out for tips even when they aren't being asked to do something (and lots of eye-rolling and snide remarks when they don't get given money for nothing) - yes, that was my experience too.

But I will say that I did not experience a problem with bedbugs.

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In 2012 I stayed at the Waldorf for about 6 months my colleague suffered with bed bugs and the management did not move him immediately he suffered with smells from the kitchen in the end he was moved after so much aggravation. At one point we were summoned to the gm for the way we conducted our complaints.
The unfortunate thing for us was that there were a few idiots who were the co-ordinators of our visit.
I would never ever recommend this hotel not even to an enemy. It's an awful place

ockroaches do exist too I came across a whopper of a roach maaaaan it was just horrible.
The staff are so rude also we were there for so long I think they took us for granted.
This hotel is overpriced and should be rated as a 3 star max but never 5 star, that's ridiculous. Where are the public health inspectors? ...., wow !
I could name staff by name who were rude arrogant. I even had a t.shirt printed stating 'the Waldorf Pisstoria' I wanted to wear it when checked out but I thought against it .... That management would have had me beaten up or something..... Tips work wonders in this hotel too

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This is a good, bug free report! My husband and I spent a few night at the Waldorf Astoria as we wanted to see the Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller center. The hotel and it's staff was extraordinary! We've never had such a good time on vacation. I always do a bug check when we travel and I never saw a single sign of any bugs. The room was spacious and the bed and bedding was very luxurious and cozy! We will definitely go back soon.

Stay during late August 2012. Encountered severe itching upon returning from our NYC trip. Stayed at the Waldorf Astoria 6 evenings. Bite marks on both arms and chest area. Another family member expereinced extreme itching on both arms and wrist areas.

7/29/12-I awoke at 5:00 AM with severe itching. I had three bites on my foot. I was not sure if they were bed bug bites but later looked up the symptoms and they matched bed bug bites . I did not report it. I stayed only one night in the hotel. Two days later another bite is appearing on the same foot. I did not search the room being a naive out-of-tower.

Stayed at the Waldorf for three nights this past weekend, and now I have almost 20 bites all over my body. I'm a little surprised by how many reports there are of no bed bugs for this location on a website dedicated bed bug reporting. Seems a little fishy to me...

February 25th, 2012

I stayed at the Waldorf Astoria with my husband and our 2 small children in February. The rooms were clean and the beds were so comfy. We checked our beds (mattresses, headboards etc...) and found nothing. We had a wonderful stay at the hotel and there were no signs (bites, rashes etc) of any bugs. A great place to stay!

February 25th, 2012

I stayed at the Waldorf Astoria with my husband and our 2 small children in February. The rooms were clean and the beds were so comfy. We checked our beds (mattresses, headboards etc...) and found nothing. We had a wonderful stay at the hotel and there were no signs (bites, rashes etc) of any bugs. A great place to stay!

I stayed at the Waldorf on August 27 & 28th,
2011 We were on the 11th floor NO SIGN OF BEDBUGS
We checked out under mattress & the box spring too also the headboard Clean! but there was very
low water pressure. The people were very nice &
the bed was just so comfy!

We stayed at the Waldorf Sept 2011....I was bitten in many areas by bed bugs they only moved us to another room and took no responsi ility...even tried to say they might have happened at the theatre or on the subway. Would I stay there again ...NOT...would I recommend it. NOT

October 28th, 2011 - Room was very small and got bed bug bites 2 days later....!

Never ever will I come again!

Absolutely no bed bugs encountered during our stay from July 15 through July 22nd. Very clean!

Stayed at this hotel with friends from April 17-21 with each pair of us on different floors. No problem at all! We checked the bed and everything there was no evidence of the little pests. Even made little bed bug kits for this trip with flashlights, plastic gloves and directions on how to check and where to check. Have been home now for over a week and no problems at home. :)

I would like to find out more from Levan as I also had issues with bed bugs in that time frame. If possible could forward my email address to this individual, that would be appreciated. Thanks.

This hotel has a magnificent lobby and beautiful pieces of furniture
but the rooms are yukkee and disgusting we paid $400 a night for a place that you could not take a shower and walk on their carpet. Since Hilton has taking over the place is absolutely unbearable the first night my daughter got a bug bite we didn't know what it was but her swelling got worse apparently this hotel has a history of Bedbug that have never been taking care of! they upgraded us to a suite that was again disgusting

the shower was hideous Please check this hotel on the internet before your check in.

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It is a fact that the Waldorf Astoria had bed bugs. When I stayed there in 2009, I complained of bed bugs in the older part of the building. I was at the hotel for a wedding. I showed a bite on my arm to them and without a single question, the manager came out upgraded me to a small suite in the renovated part. I was shocked!
I know that more of he hotel has been renovated so perhaps there is less of a problem now, but I assure you that there was a problem before and their management was ce

rtainly aware of it.

It seems that now in 2011 there are less complaints so maybe they have gotten rid of them. I don't know but I will never go back.

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I've stayed here over 50 times. The place is clean as a whistle. Sounds like these complainers are looking to blackmail the hotel into giving them something for nothing.

So far so good on 2/27/11. <a href="">Bed Bug Registry NY</a>

Stayed here on Feb 5&6---(15th floor)--Concerned because of prior posts---No problems and no signs of bedbugs.

I stayed at the Waldorf Astoria from 1/23 to 1/27. I was a bit freaked out by the reports here (I even brought plastic bags to keep my luggage in, etc).

But I found zero bed bugs in room 766.

And, I have to say, the staff is exceptional. I was in town on businesss and had a great stay.

I stayed at the Waldorf Astoria on October 9-10th and I have nothing to report. We had an amazing suite and service, and no bites. Of course, it was just the beginning of the "crisis", but I have no complaints.

My family and I stayed at the Waldorf Astoria January 6-9, 2011. We checked the bed, rug and behind pictures for bedbugs and found absolutely no evidence of them. We are home now and still have no evidence of bedbugs. I recommend staying at the Waldorf.

My husband stayed at waldorf Astoria several times in august and September and we now have bed bugs at home. After notifying the waldorf, they sent us to security and we spoke with a man who claimed my husband could have gotten them on the airplane and how could we be certain they came from the waldorf. We were just notifying them so that they could check the rooms he stayed in and the waldorf's response was pathetic. My husband now travels with a bed bug pillow case for his clothes he wears

in the hotel and leaves his new York bag outside. So far, we have spent $1200 on treatments that are effective for about 3 weeks. We are going to try heat next.

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I stayed at the Waldorf from 10/13 through 10/16 and had no issues at all with bed bugs. We did check both beds thoroughly, as well as the night stand and behind the pictures on the wall. Neither of us had any bites or saw anything that looked like a bed bug. I will say we took a lot of precautions in the way we packed our luggage (everything in ziploc bags) as well as keeping our luggage away from the beds. Maybe we just got lucky, but no bedbugs to report!

Stayed here between the 10th of October to the 15th and am shocked at how terrible the Management at this hotel were with out claims. After our first night, I noticed my husband's pyjama pants had tiny little blots of blood and the day after this eventuated into little red bumps all over his back. We told the Waldorf immediately after these bumps were present, but simply told us they'd get around to checking the room. We didn't hear for them for the rest of stay in terms of the room, we did get

moved but we never heard or got any form of update of whatever they were bed bugs in that room and they were taking the appropriate steps to remove them.

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I stayed at the Waldorf in August and now I have bed bugs in my house. I was gone for three weeks on vacation and when I came back - itching and welts on my arms. It had to be in the Waldorf because during my vacation I shared a room with two other people and they do not have itching or reports of bed bugs!!!

There is more to come...believe me I know....

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