The Roosevelt Hotel, New York City
45 E 45th Street
New York, NY 10017

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Found bedbug on my pillow upon awakening on Oct 26, 2019 in room 1622. Hotel management denied any problem with bedbugs until I showed them a photograph and captured the live bug in a sandwich bag for proof.

Aug29- Sept05 Room 717 well over 100 bed bug bites over the period of the week did not realize that they were bed bug bites until checkout. My six year old daughter had over 20 bites on her face. The hotel would not check out the room until I faxed back a written report as it was rented again to another set of unsuspected guests. Ecolab was sent in days later to confirm bed bugs. I was promised a copy of the report and have yet to receive a copy. The hotel initially denied it was bed bugs theref

or we were naïve to believe this which resulted in us bringing them into our home from our luggage costing us close to 10,000 in damage and expense. The hotel's insurer has only offered 1700.00. Not acceptable as now I have hired an attorney.

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I was staying in this hotel from Sept. 27 to Oct. 1st, 2014. I was bitten in several places on arms and waist by bedbugs on Oct.1 about 3-4am. I was changed to another room in different floor for the rest of the day and the previous room was examined and confirmed positive with bedbugs. However, the the hotel's director of front office operations Ramon Illobre didn't keep the promise to refund the payment of my stay, my sending emails several times didn't get any single response. This attitude i

t totally unacceptable!

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Stayed in 1602 from 7/5 to 7/7. Both of us got several bites on the second night.

Stayed at the hotel (room 824) on June 14 and 15 and was bitten up by bed bugs. Report incident and hotel said it would be investigated.

Bed Bugs in room 435. Nov.11-12, 2014. I called the hotel and they called back to confirm the bed bugs. Thankfully, I did not transfer any of the bugs to my home. I usually check for bed bugs - lesson learned.

I was staying at the Roosevelt in Room 405 from Saturday November 1 until Saturday November 8 ,2014.

I returned and developed a line of bites around my ankle and on the back of my leg. After asking around and looking on line, it was clear that these are bedbug bites.

The carpet in the hotel was filthy and old. The walls were also old and musty.

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