The Gracie Inn Hotel
502 E 81st St
New York, NY 11236-3117

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I visited the Gracie Inn for Parent's Weekend at my son's school. I booked a two bed room, and was told I was going to be placed in the Penthouse because I was a valued customer. My Mom and Sister stayed in the room on the first floor, and I had the top floor with a view overlooking the city. Mind you, this is the only place I've been staying in NYC since my son went to school in 1996. I woke up due to itching, and pulled back the covers. There were bed bugs all over the bed, and a trail of bed

bugs climbing up the wall behind the headbord. Needless to say, I ended up at the hospital the very first night. I made several calls and wrote letters to the Gracie Inn regarding my refund, and them paying the cost of my medicine and hospital bills. They reimbursed me for one night, the first night I stayed. I paid for two nights, and incurred medical bills.DO NOT STAY HERE

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