Stanford Hotel
43 W 32nd St
New York, NY

Found 4 reports:

I been staying due to hurricane sandy. I was in room 304 andsaw somethiing crawling on the bed. I put the bed bug in a ziplock bag and brought it downstairs to them. The staff were helpful and said they have a pest control program in place but i dont believe that at all.

my friend visited to ny and stayed at this hotel so i visited this hotel to see her
i was sitting on the bed and i got bite.


bed whole back is full of bites. Staff was very friendly though

I have been to this hotel a few times ove rthe years. However, there is a bed bug problem in my room that I was staying. It seems the mgmt is not taking a pro active approach to it and doesnt seem like they are up to speed in dealing with bed bugs. I liked the hotel because it was reasonable priced for NYC but they need to get their act together.

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