Sofitel New York
45 W 44th St
New York, NY 10036

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I used to stay at this hotel frequently and was always happy with it. LIn 2015 I booked a room for a business guest and his wife from Dubai at this hotel from Feb.23-27 and was quite embaressed to learn that they had issues with bed bugs and developed skin irritation as a result of that.

I did not expect that from a "luxuru" hotel charging over $500 per night. I guess the bed bug issue for hotels is a far more serious issue that which is not discussed much by the media.
Sorry about the

delay in posting, I was not aware of this website.

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I stayed for three nights from November 25 - 28, 2015 in suite 2714 with a king bed and sofa bed. No signs of bed bugs in the room and no signs when I returned home. This is my second time staying at this hotel and I've never had a problem.

My wife and I have been staying at Sofitel NYC several years and we call it our second home. I can't believe that this hotel would have bed bugs. Two years ago there were lots of rumor of many NYC hotels in NYC. Too bad that they did not take care of the guest like they should.

Sorry to see this. We will be checking in Sofitel NYC this Sunday October 20th for a few nights and I will want to make sure that there are no be bugs in the room.

However this is one of the best 4 star hotel in NY

C and their rates are reasonable.

Tommy Ellis Beal, Kansas City, KS

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I stayed in room 2221 and my legs were feasted on by bedbugs -- disgusting! I called to report it this morning and was referred to "housekeeping," where all I could do was leave a message. Lousy customer service!

I stayed at this location Room 410 for 4 nights this past week. Upon returning to my home, I found red breakouts all over my body. At first I was wondering where they were from - food allergy or what. Then my husband checked online and told me they could be from bed bugs. After checking out the pictures and symptoms of bed bug bites myself, now I am fairly convinced that the breakouts are bed bug bites. Haven't called the Hotel yet but I will.

I stayed in room 520 and woke up with bites all over my left leg. I only stayed one night. I called the hotel O tell the, I suspected I was bitten by bed bugs at their hotel. They transferred me to security. They took a report and seemed very concerned and took my number to get back to me about their findings. Its been 4 days and they have not gotten back to me. I wasn't looking for anything other than for them to address this so it didn't happen to anyone else. Since they didn't get back to m

e I am not confident they will address it so I am reporting here to warn others. It is miserable to deal with!

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Stayed 8/6-8/8/2011 and there were no bed bugs at this classy establishment.

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