Shoreham Motel
33 W 55th St
New York, NY 10019-4902

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We stayed in the Shoreham, Room 207, April 2013- 5 nights.
NO BEDBUGS! Very clean rooms and we looked thoroughly under the beds/in the mattresses.
Great location.
Love this registry- we almost stayed at a different hotel close by- but read about the bedbugs there.
NOT AT THE SHOREHAM for us-thank goodness!

We stayed in the Shoreham in 05/2011 and our room was very clean. We had a King bed on the 9th floor in a corner room and it's a good size for NYC. The Hotel was quiet and they cleaned our room daily and changed the sheets daily. They vacuumed the halls and carpets daily. I would stay here again, I visit NY at least once a year and fear bedbugs...but had no worries at the Shoreham. PS...this Hotel is in a GREAT location! between Central Park and Times Square and right around the corner from R

ockefeller Center...we walked everywhere except to the Yankee Game! NoBUGS!!

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I stayed at the Shoreham for one night on 11/11/10 in room 204.  When getting settled in my room, something in the bathtub caught my eye.  I picked it up with a tissue and upon close inspection, I believe it was a dead bed bug.  It was about 1/4 inch in length, and the body and legs closely matched photos I've seen of bed bugs.

I then scoured the rest of the room for signs of additional bugs, including casings, tiny dots of blood, etc.  I pulled off all the bedding and checked the mattres

s thoroughly, as well as the underside of the upholstered chair and the rest of the room.  I knelt on a bath towel and used my cellphone for further illumination to check the area where the carpet meets the wall.  I found no further evidence of bed bugs.  If I had, I would've asked the hotel to put me up down the street at the St. Regis (which has not had any bed bug reports).  However, it was already after midnight and I needed to be in a cab at 6:15, and switching rooms would've meant more time needed to search for bugs in the new room.

I therefore resigned myself to a poor night's sleep in the room.  I used three of the pillows to form a barrier against the head of the bed, removed the top sheet and duvet, and slept in the middle of the bed.  Hypothesizing that bed bugs might come out more readily in the dark, I kept some of the room lights on.  Around 3am I grabbed a bath towel for covers when I got chilly.  Needless to say it's the worst night's sleep I've had in quite some time.  However, I didn't have any bites in the morning, nor did I see any further evidence of bed bugs.

Upon checkout, I showed the dead bug to the clerk, who was appropriately concerned and apologetic.  I told her I believed it was a bed bug and she did not disagree.  I asked if they'd had any problems with bed bugs and she said they had not, which I do believe at least based on the absence of reports here.  She asked for my contact info so someone could follow up and let me know the final amount of my invoice.  The next day I received the invoice via email with $100 taken off the room rate, but no mention of the reason, any additional apology from hotel management, etc.

My concern is not the amount that my company paid for the room, but in ensuring I don't bring bed bugs back to my home and family.  When I told my colleague what I had found in the bathtub, he said he was going to take his suitcase to the cleaners even though he hadn't seen any signs of bed bugs in his room (he also stayed on the second floor).  Upon further research, we are both going to take our bags to a local pest control company that will provide a heat treatment to the suitcase and its contents.  I expect this will eliminate any further risk, but regret that the circumstances required me to take these steps.

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