Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel
811 7th Ave
New York, NY 10019

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We stayed here for 3 nights, from Sept 30-Oct 2 2019. As we woke up at 6am on our last day to check out there was a bed bug crawling on one of our pillows. We caught it in a clear plastic cup and brought it to the front desk. They told us to keep our luggage outside when we get home (after having the luggage in my car for the next 8 hours...) and that they would call in for inspection. They confirmed that what we caught was a bed bug but that the inspection didn’t turn up any more. I asked fo

r a copy of the report and was told it wasn’t allowed for privacy reasons which I don’t understand. I doubt they would tell us if they had found more. They did refund us 2 out of 3 nights (excluding the destination fee of $25 per night and all taxes).

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Yesterday my travel buddy encountered bumps on her chest and leg. She went to urgent care this morning where she was told she had bed bug bites. She returned to the hotel and reported it. They said they would call in an independent company to search the room. They also gave us another room, said they would launder our clothes, etc. My friend is breastfeeding, so they were supposed to deliver a mini fridge for her to store her milk, which never happened either, even though we called down and

asked a second time. Five hours later they said nothing was found and sent us on our way. We acted in good faith, figuring they would launder our clothes, help us through this terrible event, but instead, they were most unhelpful and unaccomodating, so we are traveling back home now, knowing when we get home we have to leave our luggage and clothing outside and somehow ensure that we don not bring anything into our homes. And I suppose they think the welts on her chest and leg she got sleeping in her bed and the doctor’s report are meaningless.

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