Sheraton Manhattan Hotel
7th Ave & 51st
New York, NY

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I stayed here last year (May 19th-May23rd, 2012) and the hotel was super clean and bedbug-free. No need to worry. I believe we stayed at the 8th floor.

I stayed at this hotel on November 30, 2010. On entering the room I thoroughly checked the beds from one end to the other. There was no evidence of bugs and had no bites! The hotel provided luggage racks so we didn't have to put our bags on the floor or the bed.

We stayed at the hotel from 11/19 to 23/11 and wad bedbugs the rash that my Boyfriend and me has in the body. I report the situation to the security responsable and the woman tell us to show her the bites because she have to check....check what We aré saying wad true!?? So she completed a form and after they changed us the room under protest. We also recieved a message with the happy news that they ckecked the room and no bugs were find...?

I still the bug bites in my body already and I am g

ong to escalare the claim to the hotel as well.

My advise stay away from The Manhattan at Time Square!!!

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I saw bed bug feces on the sheet covering the box spring, but no bed bugs. The sheets on the mattress were clean and it was very late (1am) so I just decided to deal with it. In the morning, there was now feces on the mattress so I let the managemenet know. I didn't have any bites. They stripped the room and told me that what I saw was laundry lint. Lint?? The new sheets they put on the bed were somehow free of this "lint." If it was lint, I'm not sure why they stripped replaced all sheets o

n both beds. They said they would also have an exterminator check it out during the day. They called me on my cell and said the room had were happy to report no bed bugs. Did you ever get that weird feeling you weren't being told the truth? Anyway, it was just a one night stay so no harm done.

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stayed here 11/4-11/6. i couldn't stop scratching on 11/5. didn't want to believe it was bug bites, but i'm nearly positive it was since i got home and my bites stopped.

My wife and I stayed in this hotel on Sept 7-11, 2010. No report of bed bug bites.

We'd stayed two different rooms;

First room on 8th floor, I'd requested room change since next door making loud noise almost every night.

Second room on the 5th floor.

I received bed bug bites in the early am on September 1. When I told the front desk that I had bug bites, the man asked if I wanted to talk to security. I cannot understand what good talking to security would be. When I inquired later, he said the housekeeping manager was in the room and didn't find bed bugs. However, the bed was not stripped so I doubt the inspection was too detailed. When I asked how someone could know without even stripping the sheets, he again asked if I wanted to talk

to someone in security. We were leaving the hotel shortly, so I told him his answer was not sufficient and to email me. This never happened.

I cannot understand why hotel security would be involved. Is someone going to go in and arrest the bed bugs?

Needless to say I will not stay here again.

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