Roosevelt Hotel of New York City
Madison Avenue And 45th
New York, NY 11224

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Stayed in room 1250 on Jan 13, 2016. Lay on bed for an hour with my pc. Then got ready to get into bed around 11.30 pm. Pulled back sheets and saw 4 or 5 bedbugs on the mattress. If u can see them in the light then room likely infested. I ended up catching and killing almost 2 dozen in some sheets of toilet tissue. I certainly got bitten. Had welts the day after all over arms and neck. I am a physician and will report this to the health authorities.
Got shifted to room 1626. Had asked for quie

t room. Suffice to say it was not. Got in around 12.30 and was up at 4am.
When I complained to manager, she did not want to see the bugs I had collected and did not come into room 1250 when I had to move my belongings out. As I was doing this, I saw another bug on the wall near the light switch and another on the ice bucket.
I called the hotel twice for the report they said they would get from a pest inspection company. Told to call their security office. Totally unhelpful. Security guy puts you into a voicemail and they never call back.
Manager refused to commit to give me my money back.
Absolutely terrible experience and an even worse way to handle it. No follow up.
Then all the hassle of checking luggage, laundering everything and worried that might have brought bugs or eggs home.
These hotels need to be held accountable. They try everything to deny wrongdoing but they have a huge pest control issue.

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I just stayed at the Roosevelt last weekend, Feb 26-March 1. My husband and I both experienced bed bug bites. When we told the hotel. They refused to look into it.

i was night houskeeper at the roosevelt in the early 1980s the hotel was quite dirty down on the lower housekeeping level the was an entrance to the new york railroad system and many enwanted bugs came into the hotel i also was closeing mtrd at crawdaddys resturant no problems there

July 11-18 2014

My sister and I just returned home from a week at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan and we are both covered in bites. The room appeared clean and I alway check the sheets but nonetheless we are both covered in red, itchy welts. We have contacted the hotel and are waiting back for a confirmation. We stayed on the 14th floor.

July 13, 2014
Stayed in room 626 and had bites on back. When we got home we found the dreaded bed bugs In our bag. Called management who said they would shut down room, clean and be in contact later in the day. They emailed us a form that is a mail in Incident Report. We have not heard from them since we called to report.

Stayed here during the end of April for 3 days. Before unpacking I checked all the sheets, baseboards, mattress, etc. Nothing to report. Came back to Toronto with no bites or signs of bed bugs (yay!). I also stayed on the 12th floor.

Just checked out 2 days early - found a bed bug on the pillow and now I know what the small bites are! Stayed on the 10th floor.

I stayed at the hotel on July 18th, 2013. I have stayed at this hotel many times and never at a problem. This time however I was attacked by bed bugs. My doctor believes over 50 bugs may have attacked me. I am covered with bites all over my arms and legs. I needed to be treated with steroids so that the swell and itching would stop. I called the hotel and reported it. They checked the room out and confirmed that it indeed was infested with bed bugs and apologized and took immediate action

to clean the room and rid it of the bugs so that other guests to not suffer. I know that NYC has a serious problems with bed bugs and they are nocturnal so they hide during the day but if you stay at the Roosevelt,( or any hotel for that matter) carefully check your room... bed, furniture, bed frame so signs.

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We stayed at the Roosevelt for 7 days in June 15-22, 2013 on the 9th floor. A standard Queen room with no bedbugs. It was clean and comfortable(a bit of a musty smell).We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in this hotel in NYC.

We were staying at the Roosevelt hotel NY on May 2013 and didn't encounter any bed bugs.
We were staying in 2 rooms on the 11th floor, for 4 days on the 27th May 2013. I inspected the mattress and the walls and didn't see any sign for bed bugs.

Actually, I stayed here for 7 days, the first week in March and I was bit by bedbugs. I didn't look for any because I would be grossed out and I did not want to scare my grandson. I was bitten up on my hand. I think it was because I slept with my hand above my head and it was between the headboard and bed.

I stayed at The Roosevelt the night before Thanksgiving. The room was immaculate with NO sign of bedbugs whatsoever, and I checked thoroughly. I had a great stay, and highly recommend this lovely historic hotel.

My wife and I and another couple stayed 3 nights at the Roosevelt Nov 30 - Dec 2.

We found no bedbugs in our rooms, saw no evidence of bedbugs, brought no bedbugs home with us, suffered no itching and no bites - nor did we overhear any conversation at the front desk about bedbugs. In fact, we had a full and enjoyable time enjoying the season in Manhattan.

My boyfriend and I stayed at this hotel on Friday November 9th for my birthday. It is now 10 days later and his entire apartment is infested with bed bugs and I have bites all up and down my body. I certainly plan on calling them and reporting this.

This incident just happened!

After three days of staying at this hotel (Oct 17-20, 2012), I had welts, bites and itching all over my arms and head. Upon inspection of the room, I realized it was badly infested with bed bugs. The scene was so disgusting in fact with tens of them hiding in the headboard and under my pillows.

The hotel staff was helpful and moved me to a suite. I'm still itching from the very thought of it.

I stayed here before without incident. I might stay here again if

I can ever shake that disturbing feeling I have right now off.

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Stayed at the Roosevelt on 09/22/12, and had numerous bites on my arm. The very next day, the bites turned bright red (large red circles). a check of the mattress seams showed dark little spots that appeared to be bug excrement. The hotel staff moved me to another room and confirmed that they did have a problem a month ago.

We had No Bug Problems!!! My daughter and I stayed at The Roosevelt August 6th through 10th, 2012. We called the hotel before traveling to inquire as to the procedure if any bed bugs were found in our room upon our arrival. We were re-assured by the Manager as to the step-by-step procedure that would be followed in such an instance, and that the staff were trained to inspect all rooms as part of the routine cleaning process. We carefully inspected our room upon arrival and we did not find any

bed bugs. This is a nice hotel conveniently located in the heart of midtown Manhattan.

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Stayed here 4/30/2012 - 5/4/2012 and am covered in welts on my back, arms, hands and feet. Unfortunately, I only just learned (from this site and others) how to look for BBs upon arrival, so I didn't see/notice the bugs themselves.

Stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel the weekend of Feb 17,2012
I brought my suitcase home and put it in my room, then i started getting bit at night. My son took a nap in my bed and woke up itching so i came up and checked my matress in the dark and sure enough there was a live bed bug and a small area showing signs on my mattress. I can't believe i brought my suitcase in my room. I tried to trace back where i could have picked them up and remebered i had visited NYC.

I had my concerns when I read reviews here - but during our 3 day stay last week (05-08 Jan 2012) we had no problems. We stayed in room 751. It has two newer double beds. My wife and I were there with our sons and so I did the linen strip on both beds and checked with flashlight both mattresses, boxsprings, and headboards. Zero found. No bugs. No stains. So with respect to bedbugs - no complaints. Thought I should take the time to write and report some good news.

September 8-12 2011

Stayed at the Roosevelt, and LOVED it. No problems at all.

Did the whole precaution thing, clothes in huge Ziplock bags, used the luggage rack, used a flashlight to look for bugs all over the mattresses, had some Rest Easy bug spray, but we found nothing at all, and had no problems.

I would definitely stay at the Roosevelt again. It is very high class and a great location. You can easily walk to Times Square, Broadway, Empire State Building etc. Nice lobby, good

price, great staff, wonderful housekeeping staff especially.

Sure the rooms and bathroom is small, but this is New York, what can you expect? Unless you want to pay a fortune in this city, you will get a small room, but who cares? I am not in New York to sit in my hotel room all day. I would have loved a small coffee maker in the room though.

The beds were so very comfortable, they looked new, and I slept very well. There was no noise either, no street noise, no hallway noise, no neighbour noise.

Thank you Roosevelt!! This website had me scared, but I think it was not necessary to be so scared. Bedbugs can be anywhere, and you can take precautions, but don't think it is a big problem at the Roosevelt.

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I had to post to both thank this site, and to give a very positive review of the Roosevelt Hotel. Until I saw this site I did not know of any issues at this hotel, and I did not know how to prepare.

Our recent stay -- end of August, 2011 -- was wonderful, clean and uneventful. Staff and management was very attentive. We had contacted the hotel a few days ahead of check-in and were assured that there were no bed-bugs. Even so, we were prepared and packed in plastic bags, wrappe

d up our suitcases, checked the room before we went in, etc...

I want to thank this site for scaring me a bit, and as a result we will always be on the lookout for bedbugs and will take appropriate precautions.

Thank you,

Chicago, Illinois

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July 17th 2011

My boyfriend and I had already spent 3 days in the city, and we were staying in the Roosevelt Hotel on 45th and Madison. I knew of the bed bug problem, but thought a hotel like this would really be up to par with inspecting every room.

On the 3rd day, we were getting ready to go see the Statue of Liberty at around 6am. My boyfriend was in the shower, and I was on the bed surfing the internet. Near my leg I thought I saw something wrestling out when I looked at it directly a

nd it was a bed bug coming out of the sheet. I would've never noticed it, but because it's little plump body made a "pop" sound coming out of the threads of the sheets, I was like "OH NO YOU DIDN'T". Immediately I grabbed something to kill it... and I killed it with fury.
Now I had never seen a bed bug before, but because there was a bit of red on the plain white sheet after smashing it, I definitely know it was one.
How could these bugs think to even co-exist with humanity? Disgusting.

They transferred us from 702 to room 1515. Just as an FYI: get the internet, find tips, and THOROUGHLY search your room. I'm going back to Arizona paranoid out of my wits.

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I booked a surprise trip to New York for my husband for his birthday and chose to stay at the Roosevelt hotel due to its location and the good reviews i had read.
Unfortunately, i did not see any of the reviews regarding the bed bug situation.
We stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel from 26th May 2011 to 31st May 2011 in room 785 located on the 7th floor. Generally our stay was fine.
However,the room looked completely different to the one shown to me when booking and was very small. There were issue

s with the bath drainage and water would get stuck in the tub and take forever to drain.
We didnt complain about the room at the time as we didnt spend a great deal of time in there, due to planned site seeing trips. However, i wish we had of done now.
As we were totally unaware of the bed bug situation, we didnt think anything of the itching we experienced a few days into our trip, and if im honest, i would never have thought of bed bugs. I've never heard of anyone having them or being bitten by them or even what they look like.
However, by the time we got home, we were both itching all over and covered in red spots.
Initially i thought we had caught chicken pox and panicked due to being pregnant and still in my first trimester, but the Dr confirmed this wasnt the case. I then took myself to the Accident and Emergency department at the hospital for a second opinion. They confirmed that these bites were not chicken pox, but a reaction to bites which were probably bed bugs.
After receiving this news i then looked on line at any reviews and initially thought it could be the airline. However, nothing came back for the airline or any form of bites. I then searched the hotel and found this site, together with many more.
Myself and my husband are covered in bites, starting from our faces down to our knees. They are itchy and due to myself being pregnant, i'm unable to take any anti-histamines for this and am having to rely on calamine lotion alone. We have both had to take time off work for this and have now had to thrown out our suitcases and have had to buy new ones. I've washed all of our clothes numerous times and i've even boil washed our bed sheets just to be safe. We've even bought a new vaccume cleaner to ensure that we are covering every possibility of hoovering up any bugs. We've hoovered our carpets, furniture, matresses, pillows, mats etc in the hope that we havent bought any bugs home with us to the UK.
Overall, what was a lovely trip to New York for my husbands birthday has now turned out to be a nightmare and is somewhere we both dont want to revisit. I will be emailing the hotel about this and will be sending them pictures of our bites and demanding that they offer us some form of compensation for the time we've had to take off work and the money we've lost out on.

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This was the worst experience of my life! My family and I were living a nightmare and felt like refugees in our own home! Only until recently I have been able to talk about this situation that I would not wish on anyone. I felt ashamed, embarrassed and dirty that we had bedbugs. I know now what a true epidemic bedbugs have become in the U.S. and I need to share our story. December 2009. The first room at the Roosevelt Hotel of NYC was absolutely filthy, complete with a ring around the tub fr

om the water not draining properly and gummy bears stuck to the carpet under the bed. Unaware of the bedbugs epidemic at this time, and that there were in fact bedbugs in the room, my husband tried to be accommodating and called the front desk to notify them of the problem drain. Maintanence crew temporarily fixed the tub drain -the next morning it did not drain again and I woke up with my legs itching!! I had welts on my legs but thought the welts were from my horrible dry winter skin, and me itching my legs during the night. We were moved to another room after complaining for the 2nd time about the bath tub. We came home from the weekend in NYC and completed exhausted, my husband placed the luggage in our 2 year old son's room. We lived in a 2 bedroom loft style apartment with our son's bedroom on the first level, and the master bedroom in the upstairs loft. Over the next couple of days, I started to unpack and do the laundry from our luggage - still in my son's room. What I didn't know was that during this time the bedbugs went from the luggage and started hosting on my son! One evening, about 2 weeks later, I went into my son's room while he was asleep and noticed a bug in his bed. I immediately removed him and washed the sheets. 2 nights later I found another bug in his bed. Only then did my husband and I realize we had bedbugs. My husband immediately called a reputable exterminator and moved our son into our bedroom. When the exterminator arrived he confirmed our fears...that there were bedbugs in our son's room. As soon as he saw the luggage in my son's room he asked if we had traveled anywhere - and when we told him we stayed a couple of nights in NYC, he told us to notify the hotel of our situation and stated that in his professional opinion the hotel in NYC is where we got the bedbugs. The Roosevelt Hotel of New York City was the only we place stayed. The exterminator treated the walls, furniture, bed frame, headboard and footboard in my son's room. My husband and I threw out nearly every toy in his room, our luggage, my son's new full size mattress, a bookcase, and all of his bedding. We washed all the laundry in the house, several times, put our clothing and linens in trash bags and hoped for the best. We were told to keep our laundry in trash bags and vacuum our house as often as we could. After the exterminator left, we called the Roosevelt Hotel. We were told that they would have "their inspector look at the rooms". We were told that after the inspection they would notify us regarding the reports. Of course that didn't happen. 1 week later we called the Roosevelt and were told their inspector did not find any bedbugs in either of the rooms we stayed in. We felt hopeless but we continued to call the Roosevelt Hotel to complain and each person we talked to brushed us off, and told us their inspection proved there were no bedbugs. The exterminator also came back that week for a second round of treatment. He stated that he would write a letter stating that we have bedbugs and that they most likely came from the Roosevelt. We did not have the money for the exterminator to come back within his recommended 1 month time frame. 2 months later(son displaced from his room and sleeping in our bedroom) the extreminator came back for a follow-up and to our surprise, there were living and dead bedbugs in our family room sofa. That same day we took our leather sofa, love seat, and end table to our local town dump. We didn't have much of a family room anymore, my son did not have his room anymore, so we started living in the master bedroom. My husband and I kept flashlights on both sides of the bed and would wake up in the middle of the night to check for bedbugs in our room. It didn't stop there. We simply could not afford the cost to treat our entire apartment. To this day, all our belongings we did not get rid of from our old apartment are in storage. We have spent and lost thousands of dollars on trying to rid our lives of bedbugs...EXTERMINATOR FEES, LOST FURNITURE, LUGGAGE, ENCASEMENTS FOR MATTRESSES, LAUNDRY FEES, I COULD GO ON & ON - BUT BESIDES ALL THE MATERIAL AND MONETARY LOSE, NOTHING CARE COMPARE TO THE MENTAL EXHAUSTION AND ANQUISH WE HAVE ENDURED.

We now know to Look for Bedbugs! We now know to Report Bedbugs Immediately to the Health Department, not let hotels like the Roosevelt get away with using "their inspector". We Take preventative measures before staying at hotels, such as checking out bbregistry and checking the seams of mattresses at the hotels that are not reported. I guess that is our Lesson Learned from all of this.

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Stayed here 12/14-12/20. GREAT LOCATION! Everything I read in these reviews was very very true! First room we checked into on 6th floor. (room 622 I think???) Found one bug under seam in mattress. Called front desk they quickly moved us to 9th floor. (925 I think???) I have read in other reviews this is a good floor so far for no bugs! hotel also gave us $50 credit for bar/restaurant for inconvenience. Had everything packed in large plastic bags. Yes inconvenient but a must-do to prevent b

ringing any unwanted bugs home. Lived out of our luggage the whole time. no bugs found in new room - be sure to push down the seam on side of mattress... they can hide under there. keys are very tempermental but once you figure out how your door/lock works... keep doing the same thing. Otherwise you will get very frustrated. Some mold on grout in tile shower but nothing over the top. Yes, elevators are not the fastest so don't expect them to come right away. Walls are incredibly thin! Heard way too much from our neighbors next door...but just laughed and fell back asleep. I would totally stay here again though... location, location, location! This is ideal! Don't take taxi's... just a short walk to Grand Central... subway is easy to figure out - kinda confusing at first but just ask for help. Much faster and much cheaper than taxi's. Bed was very comfortable and mattress looked like new. I think they are doing everything they possibly can to keep up with this bed bug thing. Please remember that they do not have bugs here because they are dirty. This is a first class place. Yes, it's historic and therefore an older hotel but the lobby is beautiful, the rooms are comfortable and the location - as I keep saying - is spectacular! Breakfast buffet is pricey but if you want something else - omelets, etc... just ask for it... they are there to please and will probably make you whatever you want. The staff - terrific... the ambiance - very nice. If you consider the number of rooms this hotel has vs. the number of bed bug reports... I would have to say this is a better bet than a lot of other hotels in the area. Enjoy!

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Stayed on 12/21-12/23. Checked the room for bedbugs very superficially- just lifted a headboard, which looked newly made and poked with the plastic card, as well as inspected the mattress, which looked brand new. Room was too small for us to start turning bedside tables upside down as recommended by NYC Commission on bedbugs instructions
The mattress was very nice and comfortable, fresh caulk around in the bathroom.
To be on

the safe side chose to keep ALL our clothing and luggage in the industrial strength large garbage bags which we brought with us- wrapped luggage rack in them and put it in the middle of the tiny room, put our luggage in another plastic bag on top of already wrapped wrack.When inside the room, all clothing including the outside coats and shoes/boots went into plastic bags.We left the bags inside the room as we checked out. It was depressing to do that, but did not see any other way. During a stay befriended one of the employees who told us that diagonally across from our room and another room 2 doors down there were bedbugs.
I do not blame the hotel, but suggest, that they start using mattress protectors as a way to save money and avoid expensive mattress replacement.
Another advise:to use inexpensive caulk gun and a very detail oriented personnel in order to caulk all openings in the room to contain infestation to just one room at a time, I saw a lot of holes in the wall, when wires coming through in the closet, bathroom, etc
We had a wonderful time in the NYC and Roosevelt hotel, keep my fingers crossed. Upon return to the house- kept all closing outside until was able to run EVERYTHING through the high temperature dryer!!!
Just trying to stay away from the bedbugs!

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My family and I stayed at the Roosevelt Oct 14-17. I did alot of research on how to prevent from getting bed bugs and look for them. Upon entering the room, we tore apart the bed. It looked perfect except for one dead bug on the seam. I'm confident it was a bedbug. But the rest of the beding looked fine. the headboard come off the wall if you lift them up. So we did and upon inspecting the wood for stains we saw one brown spot in the crevis. When my sister flicked it with her fingernail

it rain across the board to under the hook. There were no other finding but one live bedbug was enough. We called the front desk and they quickly moved us and sent someone to the room to inspect it. Although her facial expressions said nope, not a bed bug she was nice about it. In the next room where we were moved to was clean and i checked it every morning. We packaged our clothes in ziploc bag and kept luggage in large industrial bags. Yes living out of plastic was a pain but better than bring home the critters. At night shoes were placed in the bag and packages piled onn top of everthing else. Psychologically we itched alot but no bites. It's ashame so much is ruined due to this issue. We all have to take every precaution this includes the hotels and guest so we don't spread it to the next place. Do your research before traveling.

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I have been to The Roosevelt Hotel in New York numerous times over the years, and I have never had any issues with bed bugs or anything else of the sort even during my most recent stays. This is a wondeful hotel, with great service, and excellent location. This bed bug thing is fueled by massive media attention,and hotels and retail shops are the ones being negatively targeted due to the lack of knowledge travelers have. Just FYI a bed bug bite is FAR less worese than a mosquito bite, a mosqu

ito bite can carry harful diseases like West Nile!
Great Hotel and great service, dont believe all that you read!

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The Roosevelt Hotel New York prides itself on the services provided to guests, most importantly a comfortable stay. We continue to remain very diligent as bed bugs can enter hotel properties and be transferred through guest luggage and belongings. Our management team takes every precaution to minimize the risk and acts swiftly by implementing a detailed plan upon any report of a possible sighting. In every situation, we immediately contact a professional inspection company who conducts a thor

ough inspection of the guestroom. This company then provides our management team with an immediate report of their findings.

Most often, the report has negative findings. We are confident in telling you that the Roosevelt Hotel does not have a bed bug issue.

Proactively, our management team conducts extensive training to ensure our staff is educated on this growing public concern. As a result, we have an efficient daily housekeeping inspection process which allows us to identify any potential issues in advance.

Please feel confident that when making your reservation at The Roosevelt Hotel, you will be staying at a property that places a strong emphasis on cleanliness, service and hospitality. Please feel free to contact the hotel at any time with questions or concerns.”

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Just returned from the Roosevelt. Nice hotel, but could have lived without the bedbugs. Found one crawling on my black toiletries bag in the bathroom of all places. Didn't notice any stains on the sheets or nests behind the headboards, but there are a ton of places they can hide in the old hotel. I kept all my clothes in a sealed plastic bag. Good luck, they are definitely there. 5th floor room if that matters.

Dear Maciej,

I would like to post a "Management Response from The Roosevelt Hotel"

Please advise how can I post that.

Thank you

Asif Khan
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I stayed at the Roosevelt Sept 11 & 12th. Came home with each arm and leg bitten up. AWFUL!

Severe reaction from bedbugs at the Roosevelt on sept 1-2. Hotel mgmt acted like I was trying to get out of paying. Finally gave me $120off my $800 bill. Said bedbug test was negative but I am covered in bites that turned into severe hives. Taking major steroids to help but still affected 6 days later. It was a terrible experience!!

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