Renaissance New York Times Square
714 7th Ave
New York, NY

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The week of August 17, 2015 I stayed here. I normally don't check for bed bugs but I should have. In the night I felt like little bits were occurring on my legs. I slapped the areas as it occurred but thought it was maybe my imagination. The next day I had some itchy bites on my ankles. I thought maybe they were mosquito bites that I had not noticed. By the end of 3-nights I had about 10 bites on each ankle and a few on my calf too. I showed my wife when I got home and she said those are b

ed bug bites. Made sense to me and she had me call the hotel. I left my luggage in the garage, washed my clothes in hot water, and inspected everything to avoid problems. I spoke to the manager who assured me they would have an external company check the room. I did not hear back for two days but we eventually spoke again and I was told nothing was found. I travel extensively and have never had this happen until now. I am sure they are not going to say to me, you are right we had bed bugs. That admission could lose business. I really like this hotel but this experience was bad!

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