Ramada Inn East Side
161 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10016-7305

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I stayed at the Ramada East Side in September of 2014. I took a nap with my boyfriend and woke around 4 PM to bed bugs crawling on our pillows! We called the front desk, and the management just came in, squished them, and sent us to a new room. They did nothing to inspect the rooms, and we filed a formal complaint to the city. In the end, they refunded us $40. I'm very concerned about the sanitary conditions of this hotel.

I stayed on December 30, 2013. The next day I found bites on my legs and ankles.

On 16 th of june 2011 we went to NY and stayed at ramada inn east side hotel which is on Lexington Ave.At first night many of bedbugs bite my arm,shoulder etc. When i turned back to my country I went to doctor and told me that i
These are bedbug bites.All a long my holiday I felt terrible because of bites.I want to allert everyone not to stay in that hotel Ramada inn east side in NYC

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Hotel Address: 161 Lexington Avenue, NY, NY 10016

Travelers need to be aware of this situation that was not listed on your site.

“Bed Bugs beware"” BizTraveler508 1 contribution Boston, Massachusetts
Aug 16, 2010 | Trip type: Business, Solo travel Now I know why the rates at this hotel are less than othe

r NYC Hotels. During my stay last week I was bitten hundreds of times on my leg and lower back from what I found out later was bed bugs. In researching this hotel after my stay I found out that this hotel has a history of bed bug... more

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applecorehotelsstaff, E-Commerce Specialist
Dear BizTraveler508: Thank you for staying at the Ramada Eastside! We are very surprised about your feedback as our mattresses are made of foam which are resistant to bed bugs. We are concerned about this situation as we do not have any history of bed bugs particularly since we remodeled all rooms in the hotel a couple of years ago....

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