Radisson Martinique on Broadway
49 W 32nd St
New York, NY 11224

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I stayed at this hotel this past Monday and while I was there became itchy and noticed red bumps where I was itchy at, but thought maybe it was stress related or an allergic reaction..... by the time I got home I had bites on my neck, legs, and face. I had my friend who is in the medical profession look at them and they confirmed they were bed bug bites, so now unfortunately I have to treat my home and my children as well as myself. In the end, this "cheap" hotel is going to cost me so much more

..... when I confronted the hotels supervisor she lied and said she is proud to say that they have no issues of bed bugs at their hotel.

While I was there, I did notice that on my floor they had a room almost "crime scened" off, with huge warnings on the door stating that upon entering the room hotel staff would have to show staff employment Identification, which leads me to believe that this other room was also being treated for bed bugs.

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Dec 4th, 0347am....

upon arriving in room 1611, I started getting ready for bed. I sat in bed for a few minutes and find my arm started to itch.... I look at my arm and its covered in bumps and red spots. I wasn't sure if I was having an allergic reaction or what but i went to get cleaned up and then sat in bed again... I started itching again in a couple of minutes, all around my waist was covered in red bumps. Then I knew it was the bed. I called the front desk right away and the manager

changed my room and said he'll have housekeeping look into that and will follow up with me in the morning. I really don't wanna stay in this hotel ever again! :(

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I am a pilot for Continental and stayed there this past Friday night (10/07/11) on the long layover. When waking up Saturday morning I discovered three definite bites on my ankle and one on the small of my back. All bites had a small scab covering them once awake that morning. Wasn't really coherent as I was battling possible flu, but makes perfect sense now that I look back. Wish I would have realized it at the moment and could have had the bed inspected.

BED BUG ALERT at Broadway and 32nd Radisson!

I called the hotel management to report my findings and they promptly sent someone to collect a speciman. After hearing nothing back from them I called them to follow up.

I was told it was not a bed bug but a "fly"!

Of course, being in the travel industry, I'm well versed on my hotel insects and this WAS a bed bug. I asked them to follow up wth me several times with no success.

SOOOOOO......since they chose to lie and do nothing about it

, I've decided to tell the rest of the world.

Corporate America at it's finest!

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I am a flight attendant from Swiss internationnal airlines and I just came back from another flight and one of our flight attendant, who just have been twice to JFK and stay at hotel Radisson Martinique on broadway,her boddy was full of those bites! she will go to the doctor and also mention to Swiss airline but could you check yourself about that hotel as well? I probably get in the next days myself a JFK flight and I would like to ask you what is the best to do to prevent taking those bugs ba

ck home? thank you for all the informations.

Véronique Reist

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