Radisson Lexington Hotel New York
511 Lexington Ave
New York, NY

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Stayed in room 914 from September 10-13, 2014. Upon arrival I removed the bedspread to inspect the sheets. Pubic and long hairs were on the mattress sheet. Two dead bedbugs in the night table drawer next to bed. Housekeeping was called to replace the sheets and re-clean the room. They responded promptly. That first evening I ran the edge of a credit card around the mattress binding; no bedbugs were found in it. Dead bedbugs and dirt/dust were behind bed, easily visible to anyone who looke

d. Housekeeping never did, as it remained filthy through the length of my stay. Room 914 is in need of a deep cleaning/insect extermination.

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I stayed at this hotel from June 28th to July 1st and brought back bed bugs with me. They were probably on the couch where my suitcase was for those three days since no one else in my room brought some back. I only got bitten once I was back home.

I stayed here - room 2523 - and woke up with 1 bedbug bite on the arm. I let the front desk clerk know as I left (very quickly!) -- I also hadn't had any hot water in the shower the prior morning and she offered to remove the wireless charges. I just walked out the door.

Stayed here 05/26/14 for one night in room 2031.. Woke up with 5 bites.

After scouring internet for NYC hotels with out bedbugs, we decided on staying at the newly refurbished Lexington Hotel (Autograph Hotel), 511 Lexington Avenue on December 26th. There have been no reports to date for this hotel. After we arrived, I took every precaution in case there were any remnant bugs post renovation. Both my husband and I woke up with bites on legs/back. Although we didn't see any bugs, spots and lifted the mattress to check between when we first arrived, we must assume t

hey were bed bug bites. I'm so disappointed ...dropped off all clothes to cleaners as a precaution. I used to love NYC. never again.

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Stayed one night in 1623 on 11/14. Got two bites on my side just above the belt line. Didn't consult a doctor 'cos I didn't need to. Have been bitten before. Welts appeared 24 hours later.

Stayed 2 nights, Nov 13-Nov 15. Woke up on Nov 14 with 3 bites in right arm. Went to front desk, who called a supervisor, who dismissed the bites immediately not as bug bites. A night manager who was nearby did not take it lightly; she moved me from a regular 6th Floor room 609 to a suite on the 22nd floor (2214).

The following day (last day, before checking out) I went to a doctor on Fifth Avenue, who confirmed that it was indeed bed bug bite, especially when looking at the pattern of the b

ite (typical 3-in-a-row bite pattern which the doctor likened to the bug's breakfast-lunch-dinner kind of pattern.)

Returned to hotel to talk to the day manager, who took my information, and informed me that they would call an exterminator company. Later, while packing my suitcase, she called to say that there was no bug found.

For sure I got it from this hotel, because if I had gotten it from the red-eye AA flight on Nov 12 evening, I would have landed at JFK with those bite marks already. The marks were not there until Nov 13 morning. Hotel denial would not surprise me because of liability issue.

Hotel only charged me for the second night; nice gesture, BUT following advice from doctor, back at my home, I unpacked outside of the house, washed and/or dry-cleaned all clothes (worn and not worn); placed open suitcase inside a huge plastic bag and seal it air-tight for a week to suffocate the bugs.

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I stayed at this location on October 23 & 24 of 2012. I brought bed bugs home with me.

I stayed at the Lexington two nights (10/22/12 & 10/23/12) and recieved bed bug bites on my lower back. I stayed in room 1928. My lower back itched the morning of 10/24, but the actual bites didn't appear until 24 hours later. A week later and I'm still suffering. Heading to the doctor in hope of getting a steroid cream.

I stayed at the Lexington two nights (10/22/12 & 10/23/12) and recieved bed bug bites on my lower back. I stayed in room 1928. My lower back itched the morning of 10/24, but the actual bites didn't appear until 24 hours later. A week later and I'm still suffering. Heading to the doctor in hope of getting a steroid cream.

Stayed at the hotel during 8 days in March2012. I loved the hotel and I believe if there was bedbug, they would have enough time to eat me. No bites, no problems at all, so let's keep check the date report to be fair with the hotel. Most report belongs to 2010 and 2011. Maybe the person is allergic of anything else, and read about that and start imagining things.

Also had experience with bedbugs in this hotel. Terrible.

July 2011

What a nightmare that it was my trip to NY in Radisson Hotel. After the second or the third night I realized that I had some bites in my arms. I thought that were mosquitoes, but it was weird since I didn’t feel any bite and I didn’t hear the mosquitoes sound. I decided to continue with my program in the city and don’t worry about it, but when I came back I couldn’t stand the severe itch and the bites were extremely red. The doctor confirms that were not mosquitoes, I was at

tached by bedbugs.
How a chain of hotels like Radisson can treat their guest this way. When I talk to one of the managers the answers that he gave me was: “What do you expect me to do?”

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I stayed here on 10th July 2011. No issues at all regarding bugs or wider cleanliness. I have stayed at this hotel on at least ten occasions over the past five years and have never seen any issues to make me concrned. Long may that continue!

Stayed the night of 6/29 on the 7th floor. Thoroughly ripped apart the bed and bedding upon arrival and before sleeping. No bugs seen and no incidents upon awakening the next morning. Hotel was relatively clean and fine. Be vigilant, but perhaps issues have been cleaned up.

Stay from 2012.06.21 to 2012.06.27 : absolutely no bed bugs in room 2122. Every guest we met looked perfectly satisfied from the top quality of this hotel. You can live there without any apprehension notwithstanding what was posted before.

Stayed at the hotel without incident(5/17/11). After reading earlier reports I was a bit concerned about staying here but this was the only NYC hotel available at the time. Upon arrival I searched the bed and surrounding area pretty extensively and found no sign of anything ... maybe it was just my room but my impression was the hotel was cleaner than many of the other more expensive NYC hotels where I typically stay.

Was about to stay at this hotel, but my Fiance got freaked out by all the bed bug reports here. Now I have to spend $1000 to stay somewhere else. Thank you bed bug registry.

Stayed in room 1131 end November. Woke up with bedbugs. No particular reaction from the staff.

Stayed in room 1826 from October 8-11th 2010. Woke up the next day with huge bedbug bites on my legs. Ruined my NY trip, swollen legs, can't even wear a shoe.

Stayed 09/12/10 - 09/26/10
21st Floor
My room was fine - trust me, I ripped the bed apart every night before crawling in!
However, about the 20th, the hotel removed a mattress from the 321st floor completely wrapped in celophane. Guess what - bed bugs.
The morning of the 25th I got off the elevator on the 21st floor and was greeted by a 3" long roach. GROSS!!! Called the front desk and was told they would take care of it right away. Never saw ANYONE fron the hotel or any service professional

on the floor in the next hour. Ick.

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I woke up with at least 2 severe bedbug bites, room 712 - Just reported to Duty Manager

I found a bed bug on white comforter in room 708 Sept. 16. I put it in a bag and brought it to the front desk. They offered me a free night's stay, but I will not be staying there again.

May 6th - May 9th. Room 1533 (2 single beds)

Over 100 bites on the window side bed. Seeking medical attention as they welted up and became infected almost immediately. Taking benedryl ruined my New York trip as I had too sleep all day.

Hotel was very graciuos and moved me right away. Apologizing profusely after seeing the bites all over my face and eyes. They told me that bed bugs are hard to control and are brought over by the Europeans!

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