Radio City Apartments
142 W 49th St
New York, NY 10019-6808
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

Please remember this site does not check the veracity of any bedbug reports.

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I stayed in room 511 on the 4th to the 6th November. I woke up on the 6th scratching my back and discovered 3 red lumps. When I got up shortly after I had a further 4 bites on my left arm.

I arrived back in Virginia where I had been staying with a friend and she confirmed my suspicions

The sheets although clean had not been ironed.

Responding to Anonymous dated 9/23/10. I slept by the window in room 12G. My friend slept in the bed by the wall.
Neither of us encountered, or brought home, any pests.
Who knows what happened between July (when you stayed) and September (when I stayed) But, I am thankful not to have gone through what you went through. Unfortunately bedbugs are now a problem all over the US.
I hope I never encounter this problem and that this was your last encounter with bedbugs (and that you have succ

essfully eradicated them from your home).

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Response to post of TT, who said they stayed in Rm 12G in Sept. 2010, same room I visited in July of 2010, and had no bedbug exposure: perhaps you were luckier than I and slept in the bed closer to the wall rather than closer to the window, the bed that I occupied. My brother shared 12G w/me, slept in the bed by the wall and had no bites & brought no visitors home w/him. Just my bed was infested. Or perhaps the hotel treated the room in between your visit and mine. I can only report on my

experience. A one nite hotel stay in NYC resulted in my coming into contact with very unwelcome "wildlife". (How opportune that you happened to visit this site and that you stayed in the same room as I...)

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I will stay at this hotel, again, next time I go to NYC.

I left an earlier report on this site about my July, 2010 stay at the Radio City Apartments. Another guest had a similar experience to mine some 3 months earlier in an adjoining room to the room in which I stayed. I see a notation now that these reports were disputed, by whom I cannot tell. However, I'm sorry to report that I did indeed bring home "critters" from my stay at Radio City Apts. Prior to staying at the hotel, I stayed with friends at their residence which is definitely bug free.

I had no evidence of bites until I spent 1 nite at the Radio City Apts, waking up in the morning with a track of itchy bites down my upper arm. I flew home that day, bringing the unwanted "guests" with me, and now I cannot rid my home of them.

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I spent 1 nite in room 12G, July 12, 2010; left the following morning with a line of bites down my left upper arm. Unfortunately, foolishly had my suitcase on the bed, and now pretty sure I see evidence in my home. What a nightmare.

April 9-11, 2010: NYC with middle school group. Stayed in the Radio City Apartments hotel (2 nights). Three (of 4) children who stayed in room 12F were bitten by bed bugs. One child slept in long-sleeve pj's and had no bites. No reports from others in our party who stayed in another room. Have reported this to hotel.

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