Pod Hotel
230 E 51st St, #a
New York, NY 10022-6550

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I stayed one week in that hotel und got bedbugs! everywhere bed bug bites all over my body! that's really digusting. I would not recommend that hotel!

Stayed November 2012, no bed bugs, very happy first hotel in two years where I did not get bites.

I had made a reservation for the Vice President of my company to stay at the Pod Hotel during May 18th and 19th, 2011. He came back with Bed Bug Bites all up and down his arms. He had to hire an exterminator to come out to his house when he got back into town because he had brought them home with him.
I called the manager at the Pod Hotel, and he could have cared less about the bed bugs, and simply told me they have a weekly exterminator that comes out and sprays all the rooms. He made it soun

d like it was no big deal. He was so rude to me, and seemed annoyed that I was calling to complain about BED BUGS!!!!! I had to go above his head to get any response at all. I HIGHLY SUGGEST FINDING ANOTHER HOTEL TO STAY IN!!!

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July 2010
Heat and 2 cockroaches... I had never heard of, seen or been bitten by a bedbug. I thought the bites were mosquito. I brought them back home and have passed 6 long months to get rid of them. I spread them in my bed, my boyfriends and our 2 dogs. We thru everything out... Except the dogs.

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