235 W 46th St
New York, NY

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I was there for a company business, we had a large block of rooms. I notice a small bug crawling around near the bathroom, and later I saw another by the bed.
I left the hotel yesterday morning and when flying back to my hometown I started to feel itchy in various spots. Today I'm scratching more, and when talking with one of my co-workers that also attended this meeting, he mentioned that he had the same reaction and talked to the hotel management before checking out. The hotel experience w

asn't necessarily bad, but the issue with the bugs is serious. I'm now afraid that I'm going to be infested at home from bringing bugs in my bag. This is a very disturbing experience.

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We booked a double queen beds room for 4 people (parents and two kids) from December 27 2013 to December 29 and we obtained a single king bed with a roller bed, transforming an terrific planed stay in the big apple into a nightmare! 691 USD for two nights, three people in the same bed and a 14 years old teenager in a roller bed..... Of course we complained to the manager but the only solution was to have a twin beds room with one roller bed!!!! Nothing was done because they said "it was Expedia'

s fault allowing the booking of a family room in a hotel with strictly none family room!!!!!" Just unbelievable... Conclusion: if you are a family traveling with 2 kids, in contrast to what is said on the booking system, this hotel is not for you!!! Besides that: no soundproofing (noise+++), overheated room impossible to efficiently regulate, dirty sheet and 34 USD for a very basic breakfast.

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We stayed at this hotel one night 07/02/2013. Checked out as early as we could because the room was way too small for our family of four, two adult, two young kids less than 10 years old. We found out I had beg bug bites after we checked out. Called the hotel to report it right away. I asked to speak to the manager but was transferred to the housekeeping. I then was promised a call back. Only after I complained once, twice, three times, finally I got a respond 3 days after. Hotel refused to ackn

owledge there are bed bugs. After I sent them a picture of the bites, they offered me a 50% discount of my $358 a night stay.

Although I didn't see the bugs while staying there, but I took some pictures of the mattress because of the poor conditions. I noticed there were a spot of red dot on the white linen near the black plastic bed skirt on one picture, then moving to the next picture, the dot had moved upper to another location!

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Stayed there on Friday, January 18, 2013. No evidence of bed bugs. Very clean room, great service.

We stayed in the 7th floor 8/17/12 no signs of bedbugs!

Just got back after 4 nights on the third floor in, I swear, the smallest room ever :) behind the elevators at the paramount...we are happy to report NO the person on 3/28/2008 in this list of comments, we also have a long and fond history with this back to 1995...also first nyc hotel we ever paid for. (I actually felt like that person was my twin as I have also stayed at the New Yorker in 2007 and agreed with his/her assessment...) The only change I can add in 20

12 for the Paramount is that apparently there was an interior renovation done in 2009...the hotel had definitely changed hands right prior to that renovation. It is no longer Ian Shrager owned, which we did not realize prior to this trip....but anyway that explained the lowest rate we ever paid for an nyc hotel.....$170.00 per night for W thru F - 240 on saturday....and again not bad especially for NO bedbugs...

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19-01-2012 to 21-01-2012
I stayed on the 10th floor. No bed bugs!

I was sent to NY for a business trip and the hotel that was chosen for me was the Paramount. Not only were the rooms incredibly small and the service terrible, but my room was disgusting. It was like they never ever took a rag to it. My TV and night stand were dusty, the bathtub had hair and stains, only about half of the channels actually worked, and the carpet had "mysterious white stains" in a few places. Disgusting.

But worst of all, when I was lying in bed on the first night, I felt this

tickling sensation on my leg hair. I just scratched it and shrugged it off, but the same thing happened twice more. I got out of bed and checked the sheets, they seemed clean, but there were little dark brown or black bumps I could see through the sheets. I immediately called the front desk, but of course they don't have anyone there after 11 PM, so I had to sleep in the other bed the rest of the trip. Worst of all, when I complained about all my of issues at check out, the girl said I had to submit complaints on the website and she couldn't do anything about it because there was no manager there at the time.


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i am staying here now and have been since last night with 2 more nights to go,im on the 10th floor,the rooms are the smallest ive ever seen anywhere and they are also very beat up looking,ill never stay here again way overpriced,but knock on wood no bedbugs!

12/16/11 NO BEDBUGS, no sign of bedbugs.

I stayed on the 11th floor. I am a veteran of a bedbug infestation in my apartment, so I know what I'm looking for. Plus my wife is allergic to their bites, so I was very cautious. I stripped the bed, checked all nooks and cranies and no sign of bedbugs.

NO bedbugs. No sign of bedbugs. Stayed 10/11 on the 8th floor. I stripped the bed and looked at the mattress, at the wall behind it, everywhere.

Friends stayed at your hotel Monday 26 of September, 2011
Saw bedbugs
They replaced the linen.
Thats it.

We all know this does not eliminate the problem.

Oct 23, 3 nights, 14th floor, no evidence of bed bugs

Stayed there earlier this month for one night with no problems. What was weird was that our room had a fold out couch instead of a bed. Was very careful about looking for evidence of bed bugs and found no signs. No bites in the morning, either. Strange hotel, though.

I stayed here one night. Definitely had bed bugs. Lots of evidence of them around the edges of the mattress. Just had to pull up the sheets and there were stains from the bed bug droppings all over the bed.

I just stayed in the Paramount and upon did a mattress and pillow check. All clear. Stayed for two nights and scratch free! The real problem here is that the service is not that strong there any longer. But still gorgeous after all these years.

12/10/10 Second visit to the Paramount this fall--and again no problems with bed bugs. Rooms are small, pricey, but clean. Hurrah!

11/5-8/10 A group of 17 of us stayed here with absolutely no bedbug encounters--various floors, several rooms, obviously. Clean report, although we had approached New York with much trepidation. Can recommend the Paramount without reservation from our experience.

Ok, just checked in earlier today to the Paramount on 46th. A little history, first: As a impressionable youth the Paramount was the first hotel I ever stayed at on my first ever solo visit to Manhattan back in '94, so it holds a lot of happy memories. Back then it seemed very chic and modern. I believe it had just been modified from what I'm sure was an old, delapidated hotel into a very swanky, avant garde hotel with a lot of visual flare and, at the time, very affordable prices for Manhattan.

Fast forward to today when I check in, excited and nostaligic about staying in the first hotel I ever paid for in NYC, having just arrived in NYC from a red-eye flight from L.A., the lobby has the exact same decor as it did in '94 only I notice the lighting is decidedly dimmer throughout. The staff was always a tad full of themselves back in '94 when everyone seemed to be dressed in Armani and even the cleaning ladies work swank coveralls. The staff now was a lot less haughty but not exactly friendly either. By the time I had made it to my floor I could tell that I wasn't in Kansas anymore. The 17th floor carpet looks like it had been stained from backed up toilets, the walls which had looked so pristine and fresh in '94 have obviously not been touched since and suffered much wear and tear, look dirty. I was getting worried. I get to the room and quickly notice how dirty the carpet was. Now, I'm not one of those people that catches small details nor am I overly cautious about hotel rooms, so when I am bothered by the condition of a hotel room, it's justified. The room was a decent size (for the Paramount) but it definitely had the distinct air of 'fleabag'. Literally. After crashing and sleeping for a few hours (on a mattress that was so hard it felt like a box spring!!!!) to recoup from my flight, I woke up to noticeable itching. Being a survivor of camp-outs and college dorms, my heart immediately sank. Bed-bugs. or fleas. I haven't been able to literally see the buggers but something is biting me. (I'm on a list to get my stuff moved to a new room in the morning, of course, who knows if that room is pest free either.) Very disheartening to say the least. I could almost file this under the 'you pay what you get for' heading only, the Paramount isn't cheap! It's damned expensive for what would be a one star hotel in any other city but New York. I, of course, will never stay here again. They're doing a lot of work on the facade, but it seems like the real work needs to be done on the inside. The last time I was in NY, I stayed in a dump called the New Yorker, which was being renovated as well. Up until now that had been my worst NYC hotel experience. I'm sad to say The Paramount has replaced that. Very disappointing indeed.

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Paramount Hotel, 235 W 46th Street, New York
March 24, 2008:
We noticed a bug crawling on the white canvas headboard. After flushing it, I flushed another one...then another one...then we found some babies on a pillow. I called the front desk to notify them that I had a bug problem. They sent someone to come look at the room. When the employee came in, he took one look at the bug, killed it, and then said "I will tell them to move you to another room." When asked what they were, he eluded the

question and kept saying to pack our things and to leave the room. But I did some some research on the net and confirmed my suspicion that they were bed bugs. Our initial room had two beds - they moved us to another room with only one bed and a pullout couch. When I complained to the front desk about the situation. I explained that , the girl said she would get back to me to let me know what could be done for us. About 5 hours later, she offered us only laundry services! We were set to leave early the next morning - laundry services was not going to help when the bugs could be in our suitcases too. I would not recommend this place since they did not even have the foresight to understand that moving us could potentially create a worse situation and the only thing they offered was laundry services.

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