On the Ave
222 W 77th St
New York, NY

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I WAS considering staying here again until reading about the bedbugs encountered by some of the other guests. I have stayed here twice in the past; most recently was in late May 2013. While I was not aware of bedbug encounters on either occasion, I did notice the duvet cover was ripped. My second stay was better than the first due, perhaps, to a remodel. Am mortified to think there are/were bedbugs at On the Ave, though, and am hesitant to make further reservations.

Stayed here recently for 8 nights. No signs of bed bugs!!! Very happy and relieved. Wi-fi on 11th fl rm not good though. But, take that over any bed bugs anyday!

Stayed 3 nights this past weekend. No problem with anything. Room on 7th floor, overlooking Broadway, appeared newly decorated. The room had a King bed and was spacious enough for two and comfortable. Got 3 good night of sleep. No sign of bedbugs.

We have been staying here since march 26th of 2012.
We have been bitten by bedbugs. We are sure because my wife found the bedbug on me while i was sleeping. With furniture so old this was on the making. Terrible terrible terrible, we are out of here.

Stayed there this past weekend and saw no signs of bed bugs. I spent about 15 minutes inspecting the mattress, featherbed and headboard with a flashlight and found no signs of bed bugs. I stayed for two nights and was not bitten. 12th floor, if that matters at all.

I stayed here a few days ago on the 12th and 2nd floor. I did not experience any bed bugs. Thank God! The staff was friendly enough and my only complaint would be that there was only one solitary ice machine in the entire hotel... That was strange but aside from that, I had a very enjoyable experience and would gladly visit again.

First of all, I was surprised to see this website. Second, I am glad I saw it AFTER my stay at OTA from 12/25 to 12/28/11 in room 1119 and again from 12/31 to 1/3/12 in room 1005. And finally, I am pleased to report there were NO bed bugs in either room (TG). My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed out time at OTA; the management and staff were all very friendly and professional. We look forward to returning to NYC and OTA.

8 - 11 Oct, 2011 I stayed in room 1004 and there was NO EVIDENCE of bugs in the bed - I didn't do a complete room check.

However, after I walked, in socks, through security at JFK, something kept bothering my ankle. After scratching several times, I loosened my laces and pulled the sock down. There was small, black bug in there that I flicked out. My ankle had a red spot for several days.

Positive stay on 8/3/11!

I stayed at OTA on 8/3/11 in room 210. The room was very clean. I left my bags in the hallway, took a flashlight and completely inspected the place before I went in (In needed the peace of mind). I lifted the mattress, checked behind the headboard.... everything the Registry suggests. There was ZERO sign of bed bugs and I had no visitors in the middle of the night.

I had a quiet, peaceful stay and loved the neighborhood (I was there on business). Had everything I n

eeded, including a Barney's Coop down the street!

Will definitely stay here again. My only complaint is no free wifi in the room. Wth?

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My husband and I stayed in one of the Penthouse Lofts on the 14th floor from March 24th until March 31st. We pulled all the sheets and covers off the bed and checked out the drawers and found no bugs. The only problem we had with the hotel is that we lost hot water in the sink and all the water in the shower several times.

Just stayed here from 3/13 to 3/15. Had room 1501.
Just got married and stayed in the penthouse suite. As much as it was a pain in the butt to check the whole room while my wife waited in her dress and me in my suit...I wanted to be sure. I checked everything and there was absolutely no evidence of bed bugs or stains or anything suspicious. Everything looked good and we had no worries for the 2 nights we were there. Great views and nice room. Just beware the overpriced snacks and minibar


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Thanks to this website I did not sleep in a budbeg infested bed - so I wanted to post and give back. After reading the website I went to the hotel ready with a large flashlight and an understanding of what to look for. When I went into my room I took off all the sheets and found nothing on the mattress or headboard. So far so good. I then looked at the top of the feather bed they have on top of the mattress and nothing was on top, but when I looked underneath, about a foot from the top there was

a huge swath of small blood stains across the bottom of feather bed - almost a case study from website pictures of bed-bugs. The hotel's management was wonderful -they came up quickly, took a look, apologized profusely and immediately transferred me to a really nice difft. room in the hotel. While that was great - and I really appreciated it - I would have been happier of course with none to begin with.... Also, my lesson was don't just check the mattress - but anything else on the bed - and check the middle - not just the top.

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My wife & I stayed 1/30-31/11 on the 14th floor and had no bedbug problems at all. Searched the room throughly and found nothing. Friendly staff, very comfortable, and a great view of the Hudson during the snowstorm.

Over the last 2 years I have stayed at this hotel several times
and never once noticed anything! In fact I was mortified to read
this as I had just recommended the hotel to a client.

Stayed here on 12/19/2010 for one night and had no bedbug problems. This was also after searching the room with a flashlight looking for them prior to bringing my luggage in from the bathtub (had it there while we searched the room). Pretty good experience.

We (six people) have just stayed in the hotel in two rooms and noone got any bites. We were on the 4th floor.

My family and I stayed in this hotel in February of 2007. At the end of the stay I noticed several large welts on my lower back. Went to the doctor and they told me it was very likely bedbug bites but the hotel denied any previous report of bedbug incidents.

I stayed here 22/05/2010 and the next day at noon, my feet and ankles swelled up with a rash and what appears to be small bites. The itching and burning is unbearable, heavily suspect bed bugs.

I stayed at the hotel 2 years ago. I woke up with welts and bits.
I reported this to the hotel staff. They didn't even offer to reimburse me. One staff member wanted to take photos, but I declined because of where the bites were. I

I stayed at this hotel in October. The room number was 712. I got over 25 bites. I tried to explain to management but it was not easy. It was strange. Beware of the velvet pillows for sure.

I've stayed at this hotel on several occasions with no problems of this type, but recently stayed in room 1001. During that stay, I got fifty plus bed bug bites. Overall, a very nice facility, but this room obviously has some bugs?

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