Omni Berkshire Place
21 E 52nd St
New York, NY 11203

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Stayed in Rm 1024 and got bed bug bites.I'm a active NY corporate traveller spending abt 2wks a month in NY and will need to reevaluate my options. Last stay was ok, this one was very uncomfortable. You need to do something about these issues when reported. It will mess up the reputation of a good facility. I was not aware of the bed bug reportings until I googled after my experience.

I have stayed at this hotel every year since 2010. We usually come over Labor Day weekend or in December. We stay in either the Berkshire or Madison Suites. We have NEVER seen a bed bug. I usually stay on the highest floor possible (floors 17-21).

Stayed in room 1919. Daughter got badly bitten on her legs.
Management was totally unhelpful and even denied the allegation. They shocked me by to being surprised when I called to report the incident.

Stayed here 3 nights - 5/3 through 5/6 - NO PROBLEMS AT ALL - extremely clean hotel and we did a thorough search before settling in. We were on the 10th floor....will definitely return to this hotel!

Stayed here 7/5-7/8 2012, room on 15th floor.

Wife had 6 or 7 bites up her leg.

Just stayed at this location for 3 nights. No signs of any bugs at all. Beautiful renovation within the last few years.

Stayed for 4 nights August 21-25 2010.
11th floor.
My husband got badly bitten on his leg. We didn't know what it was until we got home.
Hotel denied everything and was not helpful when we called to tell them. We didn't want anything from them, just wanted to let them know.

Our family stayed here in July of 2009. Wasn't that familiar with bed bugs all that much. I was turning down the bed, and there it was and adult sized bed bug. I grabbed my blackberry to make sure that's what it was. I called the front desk, they sent up the housekeeping manager. She didn't really acknowledge that it was a bed bug. She mentioned that this floor was recently exteriminated. The moved up to one floor below the penthouse and gave us a free breakfast. The three of us did not s

leep at all that night. THey should have reimbursed us for our stay!

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June 2010, my daughter woke up with bites all over her legs.
I wish I would have read the previous report before checking in. The staff was nasty & rude throughout our visit.

As the May visitor said, AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

AVOID THIS HOTEL AT ALL COSTS, even though it looks nice and is centrally located. I was lied to and as you can see, this is not the first time the hotel has had a bedbug problem. My experience was that the hotel was contentious and argumentative--I did not receive the same courteous treatment mentioned below. I already knew bedbugs can be a problem in New York, and might be more forgiving if the hotel hadn't taken the position it was MY fault, claiming they didn't have a problem before I arrive

d, implying very clearly in a nasty way that I was the cause of the problem. If I want to be insulted, I can go to a Don Rickles show! I didn't make the connection until I had left, but I have to conclude the hotel has a management problem, because the arguments began the minute I arrived, when the doorman initiated a shouting match with my taxi driver. What a horrible hotel.

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Checked into room 328 at the Omni on 5/27/2009. We had a roll away bed brought into the room for our young daughter. When she woke up in the morning she had dozens of bites all over her legs.

Hotel very accomdating. They immediately moved us to a new room and said they would have the room exterminated. Hotel managment stated that they have never had a bed bug problem before.

Did not learn until I googled "bed bugs" after our trip, that we needed to treat our clothing and luggage.

Room 308 had bed bugs. Guest was badly bitten.

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