New York Hilton Midtown
1335 Avenue Of The Americas
New York, NY 10019

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I checked into the Hilton July 18, 2015 to stay for a conference. I was on the 20th floor. On the 3rd day of my stay, I woke up with little bites on my legs. By the evening, they had turned into big red welts and were VERY itchy. I did a Google search to see what Bed Bug Bites look like and looked on Wed MD, I could see the pictures and symptoms matched what I had.

I called the Hotel to complain, and they sent up security and took pictures. Then they moved me to another room, which appe

ared to be bug free. I wanted to check out of the hotel, but I really felt AWFUL after being bitten. I had flu like symptoms and no energy at all. Security called and I asked them to bring me some itch cream or neosphirin. They did send someone up with the cream, but other than that, they didn't really take any action. They said they had an exterminator in to look at my room, but found no bugs. After that, I never heard back from the security department of the hotel! And I'm an HHONORs customer for over 20 years of Hilton Stays.

I just can't believe it, because I was covered in bites on my legs. And I still don't feel good.

I've stayed at this hotel before, and this is my first bad experience, but it's real and painful. I won't be going back. The hotel refused to dry clean or wash my clothes at the hotel, but they did reimburse me for itch cream and a new suitcase (seventy bucks.) That's not much compensation for messing with my health and making me take lots of extra steps so I wouldn't take the bugs home with me!

Bottom line: Although our company recommends this hotel, I won't stay there again. I am still in a lot of discomfort. And I'll check this registry before I stay at a hotel going forward. Bed bugs is an experience I wouldn't wish on ANYONE.

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Checked in early afternoon on 05/26/2015 by myself on a business trip. The room was 2129.

My wife is terrified of bed bugs and has over the years trained me upon check in at any hotel/motel to inspect every square inch of the room--with a triple check on top, underneath, and on the side of the mattress.

In pulling off the comforter I found a single dead bedbug in the middle of the top of the sheet. This is the only one I found, but didn't check the room further after that point (so there

may have been more).

After informing the staff, they arranged a new (bed bug free) room on a different floor (new room was 2720). They told me they were also going to remove room 2129 from availability for other guests--I do hope they followed through with that. They seemed genuinely like they were taking the situation very seriously--but ultimately I'm not sure what measures they will take in any to remedy the situation.

This was my 4th stay at the Midtown Hilton and the first encounter with "critters". Its the most convenient location for me, but regardless I can't afford to take a chance in the future and will be staying elsewhere on my next trip to Manhattan. Sorry Hilton, we had a good thing going but we must go our separate ways now!

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