Millennium UN Plaza New York
1 United Nations Plz
New York, NY

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everytime I stay here I found my legs with dozen of bites!
I’ve been staying for 4 weeks (28 days) on 2018 and for 2 weeks on 2019, last time from Nov.29 through Dec. 6.

everytime I stay here I found my legs with dozen of bites!
I’ve been staying for 4 weeks (28 days) on 2018 and for 2 weeks on 2019, last time from Nov.29 through Dec. 6.

Mordaciously is latin for something that is prone to bite, as in Climex Lectulairus Linnaeus which is latin for Bed Bug...

My wife and I recently had the displeasure of staying at the One UN Millennium New York Hotel from 04/14/13 - 04/17/13, which is advertised as a high-end luxurious hotel, with rates upwards of several hundred dollars per night. We arrived at our room, which was located in the old tower to find that the room had not been fully cleaned; there were used towels on the back of

the toilet and a full garbage pail in the bathroom. We performed our normal hotel routine of tidying surfaces that are often touched. During the night, we both started to feel itchy but thought it just a result of whatever detergent used on the bed treatments. The following morning, my wife woke up to a very itchy feeling on her arm to look over and see a large bed bug that was bright crimson in color, obviously having just bit her. She jumped out of bed, and despite being "skeeved" had the presence of mind to take a photo, capture it and take it to the front desk! We demanded to be moved to their newly renovated tower as well as have each and every one of the items that were in that disgusting room sent for treatment. They assured us that they were prepared for this type of situation and had all of the people and procedures engaged to rectify the situation. Despite this, the first option offered was to have each item inspected and those that were cleared to be "safe" would be returned without special treatment. I promptly objected and advised that each item along with our bags would need to go through the treatment with the company that they contract for this purpose.

We were moved from room 3005 to the newly renovated "West Tower", room 3635, which was a huge upgrade in the way of quality and accommodations. The next problem that was faced was that we had absolutely no clothes to wear aside from what we had on, which hadn't been treated, to use for the projected 1-2 days it would take for our belongings to be treated. We made the required purchases, presented receipts and were reimbursed for approximately 90% of the purchases and transportation. Our treated belongings were returned on the evening of the 16th. Since the 17th and more so today, we both have been having uncomfortable symptoms including general itchiness on our backs and arms (though not many visible bites yet) headache, mild nausea and upset stomach, I presume either from the chemicals on our items, the rare allergic reaction that can occur to bed bug bites or a combination of both. My wife has been having trouble sleeping since the event and it was a pretty annoying and tiresome experience...

Don't stay at this hotel!!!!!

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We stayed here Dec 6-10, 2012. My sister and I both were bitten by bed bugs! The whelps don't show up immediately. It wasn't until several days later that they showed up. I called the hotel to report it and was given to security to file a report. I don't feel like they were very concerned.

We saw small bloodstains on the sheets and decided to leave immediately.

June 5-7, 2012

I stayed at this hotel, and got bed bug bites. I also brought them to my house from the hotel, and had to spend a lot of time and money trying to get rid of them. I rarely travel and definitely did not have any bed bugs in my home before staying here. The hotel was very unhelpful - they denied that I got bit there and that the bugs I brought back infested my home. My subsequent calls were never returned. Avoid this hotel or take every precaution you can when staying here. Ugh.

My partner and I stayed in the UN Millenium Plaza from 15/03/11 until 22/03/11. On the 20/03/11, both my partner and I woke up covered in bed bug bites.

We informed the hotel who moved us to alternative accomodation. However, they informed us that they would undertake an independant report to establish the cause of the bed bugs.

We are still awaiting receipt of the same.

We sought medical advice who confirmed that we had been bitten by bed bugs.

We have been left with the scars sinc

e....both mentally and physically.

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