Millenium Hilton Hotel
55 Church St
New York, NY 10007

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I can verify that even in 2019, bed bugs are still an issue at this hotel. Made the mistake of staying here without thinking to look into bed bug reports before. Not only was the room disgusting and unacceptable (particularly for the price), but I awoke to multiple bed bug bites.

We stayed here in August 2014. DO NOT STAY HERE!!!

BED BUGS - the real thing. Millenium Hilton gave me my first ever encounter with actual BED BUGS. Not only did we get bed bugs in less than 48 hours there, they were extremely rude to us about it.

Everything was fine until we had bites all over our legs and realized the cause. Since I looked up this hotel and found numerous complaints, it is odd to me that they were so adamant that this is not an issue there.

We called to argue our

case and they were extremely rude. They continued to put us on extended holds, clearly trying to get us to just give up. Questions such as "it could have been any bug that bit you, and it could have happened anywhere" were constant. No accountability, no concern about anything other than not refunding our money, damaged belongings, etc.

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I stayed in room 2306 for one night on 4/23/2014. In the morning, I found blood on my sheets and a live bug on my bed. I ended up with 60+ bites.

Stayed at this hotel for a conference on Memorial Day Weekend (2013) on the 24th floor. Checked in on Friday, checked out on Sunday. Noticed a few bites Sunday morning, but thought that they were mosquito bites. Woke up Monday morning at home and found more bites. Over the next few days, new bites appeared. Searched but found nothing. Three weeks later, still no evidence, but the bites continue. The longevity (still itched two weeks later) and pattern (multiple bites in a straight line) of them

confirms bed bugs. I still haven't seen them, but I am having my home treated anyway.

Zero response from the hotel when I sent them an email.

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I stayed at the Millennium Hilton April 29-May 4 2012 and suffered from unidentified bites which continued after leaving. In early June, I finally found the culprit and had to pay to treat my condo and the two neighboring condos, an extra precaution required by my building.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I just stayed at this hotel for one night in February 2013. I did not find any bed bugs or receive any bites, but I know from experience that bed bugs can be extremely hard to find even

when they are definitely present, so I will keep my fingers crossed.

In the past, I have chosen to stay at Hilton Hotels because I have reward status and have had positive experiences with staff, but it is very disappointing to read about the Millennium's response to bed bug reports. I make frequent business trips to downtown NY and will patronize one of the many non-Hilton options in the future.

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I was at the Millenium last night, August 11,2012.
After reading the reports here I was apprehensive
about our reservations, but I am happy to report
that our rooms were trouble free. I'll add that
rooms facing west have an incredible view of the
new buildings at the World Trade Center.

Stayed in this hotel in April 2011. Stupidly left my luggage on the bed. Came back home a couple days later, put the luggage in my closet and my wife got bites later in the week. Had a sniff dog come to our house and it went straight to my luggage and identified it as the culprit.

May 2012 - was on the phone with my fiancee when I saw a bed bug running across the duvet in room 2803. Called the manager immediately, quickly gathered my things, leaving the room and refusing to pay for the night's stay. I have a choice when I travel to NY and will never consider the Millenium until I'm confident that they have this issue under control. Given the frequency and prevalence of reports on this and other sites, I think this means that I won't be back soon.

Arrived at the hotel on Wednesday, April 25th late in the evening and was staying with a friend who had been checked in since Sunday on the 27th Floor. Right before bed at ~1:30am I caught sight of a bug crawling on the pillow. We captured it in a water bottle and researched online. It was indeed a bed bug, and my friend noted that earlier that week he saw blood on the sheets and realized it was now his from the bugs. We called the front desk and they moved us to another room at ~2:30am. They s

aid they would investigate and get back to us about what the pest control found. We requested they clean all of our clothes and luggage and they agreed. However, they came back to us and said it was not bed bugs, which after coming to this website we knew was total BS. Add to that the fact that my friend is covered head to toe in bites and is itchy. I really wish they would address this problem, it's otherwise a nice hotel with great views, but come on bed bugs is a huge issue to be covering up.
If you run into this problem please report it so they'll have to do something about it.

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I stayed in the 10th floor of Hilton Millenium on April 20th, 2012. When I got home the second day, three places of my back around the waist and my belly had a series of three bites. I am not sure if it is bed bug or flea bite... Watch out and be careful of this hotel!

Checked in on April 3rd and awoke in the morning with bites from what I found afte researching to be bed bites. Blood spots all over the sheets. Manager was called and dismissed the issue with a rude and unprofessional attitude. Simply said they have never had an issue before but would call in a " third party" pest company. After I contacted him three times for a report, I was abl to get one from Western Pest Company. No number on report and no response to email. Furious that my stay and vac

ation was ruined. I understood from the bell hop that he was "scripted" as to what to say and further understood this was not an isolate situation. The manager who took ZERO accountability was arrogant and should be terminated. I will continue to report this and his name until I am heard.

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I stayed in suite 1903 the week of March 19 through March 24 and got several bites on my ankles, hands, and forearms. However, I never actually saw a bed bug in my suite; honestly, I didn't look. I thought at first the bites were from mosquitos, but realized later that week that they were bed bug bites after I did some research.

I woke up to a colony of bed bugs they were everywhere i took a shower and they were in the bathroom as well i took my things and let the front desk know that the room is infested with bugs but they blamed the whole incident on me they said "We do not have any bed bugs in the building and if they are in the building now its because of me " i just left that place i will never stay there for as long as i am alive

On December 9, we checked-in at 11:00pm. My pregnant wife and I were exhausted from a long day of travel and sightseeing. I pulled down the cover and sat on the bed. I noticed a moving black/brown dot. I called the front desk, and they sent a housekeeping manager to our room. In the meantime, we used Internet images to confirm the bug was a bed bug. We used our camera to document the bug. The housekeeping manager arrived with another gentleman (and a camera). She looked at the moving bug

and proceeded to tell us it was a piece of dust! I was furious. As we were about to leave, the manger scooped the "dust" into a coffee cup, at which point she finally agreed it was a bug. She did not agree that it was a bed bug. At 11:40pm, my wife and I left the hotel, grabbed a cab, and took the last bus out of city. At no point did the hotel apologize. We will never stay in the hotel again. I am a long-standing Hilton Honors member, and, pending the hotel's response to our complaint, I might cancel my card!

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We stayed at the Millenium Hilton 2 nights this past weekend, October 21-23. We were in a Junior Suite on the 41st floor. I woke up after the first night with 6 bites on my right forearm. They are not mosquito bites...I always have the same reaction to mosquito bites and these are quite different. They look like red hard pustules. I did not receive any bites our second night and did not look for or actually see any bugs. But, in all of my years of traveling I have never received bites in a hote

l while sleeping, so I am quite concerned that these could be the infamous New York City bedbugs. I didn't think to google the hotel until we arrived home. I am disgusted to discover that this hotel has had bedbug reports filed as recently as a few weeks ago. Now I am panicking that we could have brought bedbugs home with us. I have washed all of our clothing in hot water and actually threw away my suitcase because it was on the floor near the bed. Ugh! I would not stay at this hotel again.

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A few days after checking out from my two night stay in a room on the 52nd floor - September 25-26 - (wonderful view over Ground Zero), I developed blisters all over my chest - bed bugs bites said my doctor back home in Europe. After advising the hotel, the manager sent me an e-mail with an inspection report from an exterminator performed the day after my complaint stating "No Bed Bugs in 52XX at this time". Great to know. After I pointed out to the hotel manager that the inspection report was

pretty useless since "this time" could just as well have been after extermination, he responded that bed bugs can bite you in airplanes and supermarkets. Yeah, surely my chest was all over that aircraft seat coming over - a contortionist maybe? I would not take the risk staying there again despite the view.

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8/3/2011 - Room 27th floor. My friend and I got bit all over our legs, feet, arms, back. We even CAPTURED THE BED BUGS IN A CUP and they refused to admit they were bed bugs and treated us like we were crazy. They were refusing to credit my account for our stay there and it was truly a horrible experience. DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL. NOT ONLY DO THEY HAVE BED BUGS, THEY TREAT YOU LIKE YOU ARE CRAZY WHEN YOU CONFRONT THEM.

Stayed here and got three bites. They were on my foot in an area that is covered by sox at all times except during sleep.

This morning, June 29, 2011, i found a bed bug.
Just one, but that's enough. Staying in a suite on the 28th floor.

When: May 27-30, 2010
Room: 4001

Bed bug bites on my ankles. Out of 4 people that were in the room, I was the only one that got bit. As a precaution, after staying at this hotel, wash your clothes in high heat ASAP as well as steaming your luggage when you get home.

I was bitten by bed bugs in room 2305 during the week of July 20th.

July 23, 2009 in room 3404.

I was repeatedly bitten by bedbugs. First night I thought it was mousquitos.

Stayed from Feb 20 - 22, 2009 and we were bitten during our stay and brought 1 or 2 home with us and now my home is infested. YUK! We had to hire a professional exterminator to get rid of them and this was quite cumbersome to clean everything in the room and put it back togther.

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