Milford Plaza Hotel
270 W 45th St
New York, NY

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Stayed here 10/17- 10/19. Im now covered in bed bug bites all over my stomach and waistline. I didnt check the room while I was there but the bites started showing up 2 days later and are definitely bed bug bites.
Room 2115.

Stayed in room 2541 from 11/17/12-11/19/12. No issues at all with the room. It was remodeled, comfortable and bed bug free.

I stayed in room 1709 from 5/12-14. I happen to have a UV light with me and checked the room for bedbugs, and nothing turned up. No issues with room.

Stayed April 12-15, 2012 in room 1640. Room has been remodeled. Put our luggage in the bathtub on arrival. Checked beds and headboards. All was bedbug free, and we had no bites of any kind. I noticed there was a report of bedbugs on this registry from 2008 for the same room, but we had no issues in 2012.

Slept tight. NO bedbugs at this hotel weekend of Dec 2-4, 2011. This is second time I have stayed here. First time a few years ago and no problem. This time we took advantage of the newly renovated rooms. They were very clean, bug free. And I have been bitten by bedbugs in Times Sq last year but not at this hotel. Very cordial staff, tiny rooms, they have trouble adjusting heat...but it was bug free! Enjoy your stay.

Me and my husband has just visited Milford Plaza from 9 of October to the 15 october 2011. After 3 nights at the hotel i woke up and had marks like something had bit me. It itched. I went to the lobby and talked to the personell and they had never heard of it before and they were going to check. We asked later and no - there were no bugs. They dind`nt listen at all.I hope we did´nt bring anyting with us home to Sweden.

June 11-14, 2007

We had just completed a transatlantic sailing on the QM2 from Southamptom, England to New York. We stayed here three days. Each day I noticed I had more and more bumps and thought I was just having an allergic reaction to something I may have eaten.

The morning we were to depart, it occurred to me it could be bedbugs! My husband threw back the pillows and found the stains and three live bugs! I immediately freaked and alerted the front desk. They sent security up and

confirmed, as my husband was able to save two in a cup.

I had stayed at this hotel the year prior with no problems. It's in a great location, but it is a low-moderate hotel in dire need of complete renovation. The hotel staff was accommodating and had their insurance company contact me in a few days to file a claim. While they handled the incident as best they could, I would not stay here ever again based on this experience.

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I killed a bedbug crawling down the curtain. then changed rooms. Room #1640

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