Milford Plaza
270 W 45th St
New York, NY 10036

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stayed at the milford in august 2013 and had no problem with bugs in our room. the room was clean and the beds were super comfortable. staff was great, we plan on always staying at the milford plaza whenever in nyc

11/20. Whie checking out found a bedbug which had luckily fallen into a Gatorade cap and got stuck on its back, swollen with blood. Told staff an housekeeping was responsive and came by immed. Hotel mgmt was less than courteous, however, and had to be reminded that I was a guest being tremendously inconvenienced by an experience in their est. I will follow up with staff again next week.

Stayed here 10/17- 10/19. Im now covered in bed bug bites all over my stomach and waistline. I didnt check the room while I was there but the bites started showing up 2 days later and are definitely bed bug bites.
Room 2115.

I encountered bed bugs at the Milford Plaza Hotel on the morning of June 13, 2009. My boyfriend and I had planned a romatic getaway which included a broadway show Friday night after a wonderful dinner. After the show we had some drinks and went back to our room for the evening. The next morning I was pulling the sheets and blanket up in order to put my suitcase on the bed and I saw one adult bed bug. After further investigation we found a whole slew of bugs, dead and alive, they were most co

ncentrated on the part of the mattress that was against the wall and in my opinion it was a large infestation. We were in room 1550. We were scheduled to stay a second night but I would not stay there again ever. The hotel management was not helpful and did not reimburse us for what we found. They took samples of the bugs, 2 live bugs, and said that they would have to investigate the claim and send it to the insurance company before they could tell me if we would be reimbursed for the two nights we booked. So basically, they brushed it off as no big deal. I have live video of the bugs. Needless to say our weekend was ruined and I would recommend not staying at the Milford Plaza Hotel ever.

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