Lucerne Hotel
201 W 79th St
New York, NY 10024-6200

Found 8 reports:

I stayed at the Lucerne 9/3/14 for three nights and there were no bed bugs. It was very clean and comfortable. The staff was great and a perfect location. I will stay here again.

Stayed in lucerne 27.12.2013-6.1.2014. No bedbugs, very nice hotel and breakfast in restaurant is great.

Lucerne is a lovely hotel. The staff are very friendly without being intrusive. The facility is clean, bed bug free, and very comfortable in a nice west end neighborhood!!

Just returned from a stay at the Lucerne on 12/26/12. Rooms were very clean, good service staff, great location. No bed bugs.

I stayed at the Lucerne August 11th and 19th, 2012. Very nice, No Bed Bugs.

Stayed here for three nights Junew 2012. No sign of a bedbug and the Hotel was great.. Great Restaurant Nice Matin off lobby.

I stayed in December of 2010 and there were no bed bugs. Great lace to stay.

I stayed at The Lucerne from September 1st to 4th, 2011 and there were no bed bugs. It was clean, the employees were extremely helpful and it was a great area on the Upper West Side.

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