Larchmont Hotel
27 W 11th St
New York, NY

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No Bed Bugs Here

For the past seven years, my husband and I always stay at the Larchmont Hotel during our annual trips to New York City. Our recent trip was from October 12 to October 19 and after reading the previous report we were a bit nervous. As it turns out, our worries were baseless. No bed bugs anywhere. The hotel is always clean and we were advised that they have bi-weekly inspections and treatments by an exterminating company. It is always a great pleasure to stay at the Larchmo

nt Hotel - our home away from home.

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Reports on TripAvisor that said NO BEDBUGS led me to book a 3 night stay in early October 2012. I checked in, and as I usually do, kept my bags away from the bed and completely closed (I am a seasoned traveller and don't take chances. The first night, I slept for only 3 hours before having to get up for a meeting. The following night I was able to sleep in and when I woke up I had 11 bites on my arms. I immediately called the front desk and asked for the manager, who came to my room to insist t

hat the hotel does not have bed bugs, but that they have a mosquito problem because the neighbour has a pond that functioned as a breeding ground. After I showed her my 11 brand new red welts, she offered me a room change, which I accepted. That was the end of it. No apology or refund, only a denial. So here I am, telling you my story.

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I live at the hotel and do not have bedbugs. There were some finds about two years ago in some of the other rooms, and the place was cleaned from top to bottom. Furniture was changed to be less bug friendly. I am in communication with guests on my floor, and friends often stay here. No one has mentioned bedbugs in the past year or so.

We're pretty sure we got bitten by bed bugs at the Larchmont in September of 2010--we're very sad about it, because we loved this hotel, its location and its price. It was a great find in Manhattan, but we won't stay there anymore.

I don't remember which room i stayed in, but i didn't know about bed bugs at the time, until i started getting huge mosquito bites (which i later found out were bedbug bites) - i brought only 1 home with me luckily, and even luckier i managed to see it and kill it (it was walking around at night while i had the lights on). I stayed in this hotel last year sept 2008, and i really liked the location and the basic set-up. Sadly, they have bed bugs and i won't be able to return this year when i vi

sit nyc.

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I put up the bed bug review on Trip Advisor and I can assure you that not only do they have bed bugs but I ended up bringing them home with me and going through hell. They are lying to you. You can see the brown stains on the walls in the rooms. I was unfortunately uneducated on the subject at the time and thought that they were just fly droppings. You will also see that they have put the standard bed bug sealing cover on their mattresses so they know that there is a problem. Not every room may

be infested but I would not risk it since getting bed bugs is one of the worst things I've been through and lying staff means they may not be properly taking care of the problem with a licensed bed bug exterminator.

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please help... I stay at the Larchmont on a regular basis when I visit NYC and I just read the one review about bedbugs there. I'e never had that problem there and when I called and outright asked them the last time (knowing the city was having a problem), they told me absolutely "NOT", so it seems they must have lied! Can someone confirm for sure that's where they were at the Larchmont and the date... Also, I'm looking at Second Home on Second Avenue (another small village hotel), and I haven't

stayed there yet, but am praying there are no bed bugs (PRAYING!). This never used to be an issue: It's so strange - well, maybe not so strange, - that they are back! If anyone has more information, I'd be grateful..

Thank you....


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From this link:

"I am normally a budget traveler and have no problems w/ the more rundown hotels. I do however have a problem w/ a hotel that has a bed bug infestation and does not warn guests or attempt to control the problem. As a result of my stay, I ended up w/ bed bugs in my apartment which is an absolutely horrible experience. Thankfully my building paid for the exterminati

on but even the process to prepare for extermintion is long and traumatizing. DO NOT STAY HERE!!!! Ask about the bed bugs if you do and look at the walls where you'll see bed bug feces."

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