Hotel Wolcott
4 W 31st St
New York, NY 11224

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A friend and I stayed at the Wolcott Hotel for one week in May of '07. I booked the hotel since it got so many good reviews, was in a very good location, and was very affordable. When I arrived, I was very happy with my pick. The lobby is gorgeous, nice bagels in the a.m., the room was small but nice, etc.. However, after the first night, I began to notice red blotches creeping up my arms. I went down to the lobby and showed them the blotches. I did not know about bed bugs. The receptionist said

she would talk to management, and they would call me.

Management called and said that they didn't know why I had these blotches, that were now quite itchy, but that they would send someone to the room to strip the bed. I thought that they thought it might have something to do with the sheets and how they were washed. Management then offered to move us to another room on the same floor. I was advised to shake out all my clothing before taking it to the new room. I thought that was odd, but I did it. While the new room was being made up, I chatted with the maid. She told me that she reported having seen a bug when she changed the bedding.

My friend and I talked to the management. The person we spoke to was a stand-in for the manager, who reportedly was at a funeral. By this time, my friend was also bitten-- though nowhere as badly as I had been, and I now had bites all over my torso, arms and legs, and beginning to creep up my face. I was in agony. We asked to have our money refunded, but were only given a partial refund. They also did not assume any responsibility for the problem being due to bed bugs, and kept suggesting it was a topical allergy. We were taken aback by the treatment we received by management.

By the next night, the bites were so bad that I had to go to an Emergency Room for treatment. I considered legal action because my medical fees were now in excess of $1,000-- after insurance. However, since I live far away, it would be too costly to pursue a law suit. When I returned home and saw my medical doctor, he said he had never seen anyone bitten so badly. I have pictures that I took, and to this day, it amazes me.

It seems that some, many even many people, escaped my fate. I am sharing this because if you aren't so lucky, it will really be awful.

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