Hotel Roger Williams
131 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10016-7057

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yelp has some reporting bedbugs as recent as 5/4/2014.
by Fiona O.
Washington, DC

As a travel manager for Walmart I received a report from my executive that she stayed at The Roger Williams on January 22 and was bitten by bed bugs overnight. I have attempted to contact the General Manager, Erin Hosler regarding this complaint but she has not returned my calls.

My husband and I stayed at the Hotel Roger Williams overnight on 10/8/11 through 10/9/11. We left our home in a NYC suburb and drove into Manhattan. We went immediately to the Hotel Roger Williams where we stored our luggage in their luggage storage area since our room wasn’t ready. A few hours later we were given a room and stayed overnight at the Hotel Roger Williams. The next morning we immediately got back into our car and drove home. Two days later, my husband discovered a bed bug cr

awling on the comforter on our bed. We contacted the Hotel Roger Williams immediately and informed them that we had found a bed bug. The next day we contacted several extermination companies; sent them a picture of the bug and received a visual confirmation that it was, in fact, a bed bug. On Thursday, 10/13/11, we had a canine inspection of our home and the dog found evidence of bed bugs ONLY in the luggage that we had taken to the Hotel Roger Williams with us. We immediately had to get rid of the luggage and any items that were laying close to the luggage. We have now spent close to $800 in inspections and are still not certain if we will have to treat our entire house which will cost anywhere from $900 to $2500, at a minimum; not to mention the lost value of the items that we had to throw out.

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