Hotel Carter
250 W 43rd St
New York, NY 10036

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September 2013 we stayed at the Hotel Carter. No Bed Bugs. The place was clean, but dated. The bathroom was nice. 36", new wall mounted TV. Very few channels, but who is there to watch TV. No ice machine in hotel. The STAFF were extremely friendly and helpful. You are st6aying in Times Square for a very good price. If you want something way nicer you can walk a few steps to the WESTIN and pay an ARM and a LEG. I would stay here again. If I had lots of money I would stay at the Westin. (lol)


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DO NOT BOOK OR STAY IN THIS HOTEL! I warned my friends from Europe before they arrive to check the room and bed in any hotel in New York for bedbug. So they arrived yesterday, immediately looked in the mattress and found marks of bedbugs EVERYWHERE! They complained to the reception, and they sent a staff up. Even the staff was completely grossed out by it, and they were moved to a different room.

So far there is no sign of bedbug in the new room. But the condition of the room is so disg

usting, and they are so scared, that they don't want to go back to the room at night. They went to a store to buy mattress encasement and bed bug spray, hoping to keep them at bay. Never mind that they are sleeping in their cloths.

When they took a cab to Hotel Carter, even the taxi driver told them that this is not a hotel, it's a hole!

Stay clear of this place!

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september 1996 new york, ny / tupac just died / came from amsterdam airport / it was a cheap but good located hotel / neighboring [more underground like] transvestite [hookers?!] club. had a room almost on the top floor / beware of the elevators [Jakobsladders] / pretty fucked up! / went mostly a sleep in the morning hours / but after a couple o' days the itching began / bedbugs / found 1 [later more] crawlin' on the mattress / filed a complain / the solution a different room / yeah right !! as

if that would help / it became a short stay !!

stay away from this [carter hotel] place if u'r into clean/healthy

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They obviously hadn't done anything about the bed bugs. Just stayed there, not knowing they had bed bugs, and seen the bugs in the bed the next day. Lots of them. Room #1432

Just wanted to add on here, I contacted the health department in Manhattan, the city, major, and different public offices and no one will do anything. It seems this has been happening for quite some time and they just stopped caring about it.

This place is completely infested with bud bugs and mice, even worse the electric sockets and wires are bad. New York needs to tear this building down!


NEVER USE THIS HOTEL. Stayed here in Oct 2009. Its cheap for a reason - the rooms are infested. I woke up with bites up and down my arms and feet. And to add insult to injury, some of the bugs hitched a lift home in my luggage and 3 months later I ended up having to bring my OWN BED back home to the dump because it was now infested too.

This hotel is an absolute health hazard - see TripAdvisor for many, many more reports on bedbug and other issues with this dreadful hotel.

Stayed at the hotel carter for 2 nights, first in rm 1023 and woke up with blood spots and black marks on the sheets. We later on found 3 bedbugs and promptly switched rooms. Didn't have problems with our next room on th 14th floor, but didn't sleep too soundly after the first encounter.

I also stayed there and got a shit load of bites. Is there anything we can do to shut this hole down? room # 1203

It was december 21st 2008. We had just moved in three people in a four person room at the hotel when we decided to take a nap before venturing out into the city.

After having slept for 1½ hour i suddenly hear my one friend startle up and pull my other friend out of his bed yelling that there are bugs in the bed. I quickly get up and realize that they were all over the place. I saw at least 5 crawling in my bed that had ll fed on me and were all red and bloated.

When reporting it to manage

ment, the chinese lady just suggested she would get us a new room. In the process of moving in to the next room we became aware of an austrian couple that had just been moved to their THIRD room and the boyfriend had bites all over his face.

Out second room smelled exactly like the first one, like new fresh paint. This smell - I have later been told - is the smell of bedbug poison. So we realized that most of the hotel must be infected.

I overheard a conversation between management and another client complaining, and they were told that \"Thats what you get when living so cheaply just next to time square\" and that there were not going to do anything about it.

I guess health risks is no longer a minimum requirement.

Our room was 1640. We checked out without staying the night.

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Dec 31, 2008. Friends stayed at the hotel. I was supposed to but didn't. All three who stayed have bedbugs and I do not!

Watch out this hotel definitely has bed bugs!

Wish I found this site BEFORE I booked and stayed in the Hotel Carter the night of Saturday December 13th, 2008!

My daughter and I had room 824. Glad I asked for 2 beds cause apparenly only mine was infested as she had no bites. I have a total of about 30 bites under my left arm, along my left chest, on my back, on the back top of my right thigh, and on my right arem. I remember tossing and turning and waking up alot. I did find a small blood smear on the sheet in the morning, and I looked un

der the sheets and saw nothing. The bites didn't start itching till later in the morning, and when I got hom and took off my clothes I couldn't BELIEVE how many HUGE itchy burning welts there were!

When we were checking in some German giurls in their pajamas were at the front desk complaining about mice eating food that was INSIDE their luggage! that should have been a big clue to RUN!
We did not report it as I didn't relize i was covered with bites till Sunday night.

Paisleyocean from Pennsylvania

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14 november 2008 - 17 november 2008

I knew what I could expect at this hotel;low budget rooms.

When I entered the room I kinda thought it was ok, till the next day.
I experienced a lot of itching when I was sight seeing the finance district.

When I got back to my room I took off my shirt and looked in the mirror.

O MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew I was allergic to insect bites/stings, but this was beyond any previous experiences.
My back was covered with big red bubbles concentrat

ed at locations on my back, (left) shoulder area and arm.
I instantly though of musquito bites, so I told my room mates not to open the window anymore. Next day I had more sting marks on my lower left leg and my left wrist, so I researched this stuff at the internet. I kinda got to this site and eventually on wikipedia.

BTW, my friends in the same room had some stings aswell, but the reaction wasn't that intense, and the amount of stings was more close to than to 100.

This hotel ruined my week in New York despite the things I did.

My advice to you: Don't visit this hotel, You should rather go to a more expensive one.

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From October 30 to November 6, I stayed in rooms 1038 and then room 1506. The reason for 2 rooms is simple...when I came back to the hotel after being out most of the day, I discovered my room, 1028 had been cleaned and ALL of my things were gone. I complained to this amazingly inept Korean woman that works there and after finding my things she gave me another room, 1506. This is the room with the bed bugs...I swear I had over 100 bites on my arms, legs, and hands. The first room had mice to

o, didn\'t want to forget about them.

So...PLEASE listen to me...DO NOT STAY at this rat infested, bed-bug-riden, hole in the wall.

Thank you,

Have a good day.

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I stayed in the Hotel Carter on October 6th 2008 in room 1800. It was my last night of the round the world trip and having stayed here before I thought it was good value.

On my flight home the next day I noticed red lumps coming up on my arms and 2 days later I ended up in A&E for 15 hours with my arms, legs and face covered in huge itchy bed bug bites.

The doctors confirmed (having taken numerous blood tests) that it was a very aggressive case of bed bugs, or some similar lice on the bed


Take my advice and do not stay here, as I'm still having an allergic reaction almost a week later.

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Please please listen to my advice: HOTEL CARTER is very dirty and HAS BED BUGS.

I traveled from San Francisco to New York City and stayed at the hotel on September 23-25, 2008. The address of the hotel is on 250 W 43rd St and we stayed on the 8th floor.

I got over twenty bed bug bites. They are painful and itchy!!!! In addition to bed bugs, there is no room service, the room we stayed in was very dirty, trash was left from previous occupants, and I had to spend a bunch of money to make

sure I didn’t take the bugs with me to SF!!

Please, please, know that they have bed bugs!

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i was laying in bed reading a book when a small bug crawled across the pages, I startled and brushed him off, a few mins later it happened again, and I thought it may be the same bug (i thought it might be a baby roach). When it happened a third time, i knew it wasn't the same bug. I them looked over at the white sheets of the other bed and saw 3 similar bugs crawling. I had never seen a bedbug before, but I knew this had to be them, so I examined one closely, and didn't sleep the rest of the ni

ght. The next day I looked online and realized I was indeed dealing with bedbugs. 100% sure.

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