Hotel 31
120 E 31st St
New York, NY 11226

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Stayed here June, 2019 and on return home noticed pattern of very itchy, clustered bites on legs, some in lines. Seems they have a bed bug infestation. Most upsetting discovery. Truly hope that they have not travelled back with me. Please avoid.

My friend ( who is a licensed pest control professional in the UK) checked in here tonight (7/3/10). Being a professional, he inspected the room and found a severe infestation of bedbugs in several locations. He informed management, and was moved to another room, which he inspected. It too was infested with bed bugs. After nearly an hour on the phone with the front desk person who informed me management would not be in for a few days but they would help me then, and begging the pe

ople to help me (the people were really sympathetic and very helpful, unlike the people at hotel 31) we managed to get switched to a new hotel for the remaining 4 days of the trip, but will have to take a loss on tonight. He cannot stay there, as these creatures are excellent hitchhikers, and even with great precaution can make their way home with you, which will cost thousands of dollars to deal with. THIS HOTEL SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN AS A HEALTH HAZARD.

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My wife and I stayed at Hotel 31 in Room 710 Nov. 6 and 7. We began noticing some insect bites after the first night but not having ever experienced bed bug bites we didn't realize what they were. When we got back to Vancouver the bites were much worse.

We contacted the hotel on Nov. 8, told them that we had been bitten by bedbugs when we stayed in the room, and asked them to check out the room so other customers wouldn't suffer the same fate as we had. They told us they would investigate an

d if they found bedbugs would "look after us" the next time we were in New York - presumably meaning they would give us a free room.

They never did get back to us to say what they had found. We sent them another email explaining that I had to see a dermatologist because my skin had reacted so badly to the bedbug bites. We also had to contact a pest control company to rid our house of the bedbugs we'd brought back with us from Hotel 31. The pest control company advised us to throw out our luggage - which was how we brought the bedbugs back with us from New York - and our beds, and specially treat our clothes at the cleaners. Along with the spraying of our house all of this costs us over $3,000 dollars!

We told the hotel that rather than a free room we requested they cancel our costs for the room for the two nights we stayed there, the very least they could do. They never replied. We then informed them that we would be contacting our credit card company to cancel our payment to the hotel.

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I stayed at this hotel between April 24 & April 27. I woke the second morning to find myself bitten by bed bugs, my nightclothes bloodied, and the hotel staff more concerned about their reputation than about their guests. I was moved to another room (I should have moved myself to another hotel), but when I checked out, the desk manager had no customer service skills, just wanted to be paid. And was nasty about it, too.

Sorry, I can't recall the room number ... but does it matter? do these

bugs confine themselves to one room???

Bugged and Boggled

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My mom and I stayed at this hotel in late April 2009. My mom was distressed to wake and find she had been bitten by a bedbug. (I know it was a bedbug because I found it among her sheets - I know what they look like because I've researched the subject for my work as a poverty lawyer). We found the hotel staff to be very unhelpful and minimizing of the problem, but they did say they were going to get a fumigator and they moved us to another room.

After we got home I checked the Trip Adv

isor website and saw that others have also recently complained about bedbugs at this hotel.

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