Holiday Inn Midtown 57th Street
440 W 57th St
New York, NY 10019-3051

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Traveled in may 2013

20+ bed big bites on
My body and the same for my friend. Overheard a woman also getting bed bugs and had to change rooms three times. Came home with some bed bugs the size of my pinkie. Don't stay here!!!!

It's 2012 and they still seem to be in denial about a bug problem. That or they enjoy outright lying to me when i have bites ALL over, went to doctor today (Nov 8. 2012) and was CONFIRMED bitten by bed bugs, and i actually FOUND A BUG WITH MY OWN eyes, photographed it, and showed it to security (the bug was on my bed in the room!) and they changed my room, supposedly called an exterminator. Then they told me the report came back negative. What liers!! Reimbursement was only 1/3. Im owed the full

amount and if they don't comply going to start blogging about this everywhere, maybe even take out some ads in the papers. Thats right, dont do me wrong. Dont lie. Total injustice. I dont recommend staying here.

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My friends and I were staying the night at this hotel and were only in the room for about 2 hours when we saw a bug crawling on one of the beds. We killed it placed it in a napkin and showed it to the hotel lobby workers behind the desk and demainded a refund. They took the bug in the napkin into another room and told us we could upgrade to a room on the 14th floor after that we decided to leave.

Do not give business to this hotel they are in denial that they have a major problem and we wer

e lucky we got out of the room before we were bitten or it became a bigger problem for us.

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