15 W 45th St
New York, NY

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January 2015 we stayed here...had a couple bites but didn't see the bugs. came home and a few weeks later began seeing bites all over my ankles...they had to have come home from this hotel via our bags. be careful!

We stayed one night in the hotel on December 28, 2014 and after we got home we found bed bugs in our bedroom. We don't know where the bed bugs came from but suspect the hotel as we had not stayed in any other hotels for several months.

it wass horrible i was invaded i coudnt sleep there were so many

I found a tiny bed bug nymph and possible egg in the bedsheets on the second night of my stay, after checking the sheets when I experienced itching. It was very small, but I have experience in identifying them, so I knew what it was, and with such a light infestation/beginning stages, I can see how the hotel would not have been aware of this. The staff was accomodating and called in an exterminator to examine the problem. I was offered another room, which was free of the problem. Otherwise, the

stay and the accomodations were good.

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