Hilton New York
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Stayed here for my 24th birthday October 30th 2015. Didnt stay in the room too long. When got into bed didnt notice anything until the next day. Big red bumps down the right side of my body. Thought it was mosquitoes but that season is over. Got it checked out November 3rd it is in fact bed bugs. All five people who stayed in the room has them.

Bed bugs galore in the bed under mattress........totally disgusting place for mega bucks a night!!!! Management shrugs you off and offers no compensation!,,,!!!! Go elsewhere fast.

Multiple bed bug bits after staying at this hotel on legs and arms. Hilton is unresponsive.

My husband and I stayed at the Hilton Midtown, Room 3550, for two nights, October 3rd & 4th. We encountered itching of the scalp & never associated this with the possibility of being bitten by bed bugs during the night. After returning to our home, three weeks later (the incubation period for bed bug eggs), we discovered more bites & a newly formed nest under one of our bed pillow, close to where our luggage had been placed. We contacted the Hilton to report our experience & was transferred to

Security Department to file a report. We were told that someone would be calling us back; however, as of today (4-weeks + later), no one has called. We have spent an enormous amount of time & money to cure the problem. Believe me, you don't want them!! It has been a horrible experience!

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I stayed at the Hilton Midtown for a conference from 7/25 through 7/28 and sustained bed bug bites to my bilateral lower extremities. As many before have posted, I was forwarded to security who made me fill out a report and took pictures of my legs. They told me they would "investigate" the situation, but came back and told me there was no "hard evidence" that bed bugs were in my room. OTHER THAN THE BITES ALL OVER MY LEGS. I now look forward to spending a great deal of money to have everything

I brought with me fumigated and dry cleaned. Not to mention the pock marks I have all over my legs. What a lousy experience.

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I checked into the Hilton Midtown friday 6/20/2014 by Saturday morning I have bites on my face and arms. Let housekeeping know they screamed and ran from the room. Still waiting to hear from the hotel management. I have pictures of bugs and bites.....

Stayed here for two nights at the end of March. Saw spots of blood on the sheets the first day (called the front desk who should have realized this was a red flag). On the second day, woke up to a series of bites/welts on one arm. My dermatologist confirmed what it was when I got home and I phoned the front-desk - who forwarded me to "security." Based on reports (several) on tripadvisor, this hotel's normal protocol is to have you fill out a report with security, they photograph the bites, a

nd then they do nothing...

Was not impressed by their reaction (they did not even bother to look up the room I stayed in despite my providing my name and dates) or their non-existent "customer service."

I spend two months a year in hotels in New York; this was first encounter with this issue. I will never stay in this hotel again and have spread the word.

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Stayed two nights - found bedbug crawling down the shower curtain the second morning. No signs on bed, no evidence of bites - yet. Still kind of creepy and now I've got to de-bug all my stuff. Ugh.

Stayed on the 41st floor from June 30th - July 2, 2013. Woke up in the a.m. with four nasty bites. The scars still show on my legs....! Called management and they came and took a picture, he shook his head and said "yeah" then asked me to fill out a report. When I tried to contact them again - no response. This ordeal cost me close to $1000 in just buying new luggage and basic clothes, not to mention the mental anguish. They told me the room would now be put out of service and offered

to send me to another room - what a comfortable feeling to still have the option to stay in this hotel (or not!!!) They can now keep their "Hilton Honors" points....

STAY AWAY from this location!!!

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we came in january 2nd, we were put in room 3307 (i think that was the room), when i awoke on thursday, i noticed some red marks around my ankle, i took a photo and sent it to my husband who responded with "bed bugs?" and that he too had a rash on his abdomen. i called downstairs and was given to security where i was advised to come down and fill out paperwork. when i arrived at security i had to fill out the paperwork and had them take photos. the security mgr on told me it didn't look like

bed bugs and maybe just a rash. in the meantime i needed to change rooms...that meant packing up all our stuff and he wanted us done in 30 minutes. We packed all our belongings, met with the exterminator and waited for the bellman. We moved from an updated, great view room to a dumpy old room with paint peeling from the ceiling and stains on the curtains (i'd of thought i'd of been treated a little better). Chocolate covered strawberries were brought to us by the security mgr as my kids and i were leaving, but no mention of the bed bugs...i lost 3 hours over this...mind u i was on vacation.

we never heard from anyone regarding the bed bugs the rest of the day and only had a message from a new security person asking if i was ok. i left 2 messages with the front of the hotel trying to get answers...no one returned my call.

on friday, i spoke to a relative in CT and told them i needed answers about the bed bugs before i could confirm visiting them, my aunt explained what "bed bugs" really meant and left me very concerned. I then left a message with the manager, i asked for the hotel manager to contact me. shortly after leaving the message for the hotel mgr to contact me, security calls my cell (i didn't give them that number so it's interesting that now they are concerned), i told them i only want to deal with the hotel mgr. The hotel mgr calls us while we were at the MoMA Museum and confirms that there were bugs in the room. It made me cry as i knew my rash was not from allergies like the security person told me.

when we got back to the hotel we had to pack all our belongings and give them to the hotel....kind of freaked us out. we lost many hours on this as well.

on saturday morning at 8:00 am, our clothes returned from dry cleaning...at 9:00 am the exterminator showed up to look through our bags for additional bugs.

while being bitten was bad enough, i felt that the hotel was looking to just "sweep" this matter under the mat had i not called in to confirm what was going on. It was poorly handled and i lost many hours having to deal with this situation...my rash has just gone away. i wish i had known about this site prior to going so i could research the hotel as to be honest i hadn't ever had to think of bed bugs before...now i know.

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Here for 9 days. Room 2027. Bug bites on legs and ankles. Manager moved me to 1320. They took pictures of my legs

Me again (Anonymous on 10/14/2012). Got a call back from the manager who said he would investigate. Just called back again and...surprise, surprise...no evidence of bed bugs. So what are all these bites all over my body from after I slept at this hotel and before I slept anywhere else? Sorry, I think it's BS. Stay there if you want, don't if you think I might be right. I. for one, won't stay there again.

Stayed at this hotel Thursday & Friday night. After the first night I noticed spots on my back. Never considered bed bugs. After the second night they were all down my arm. The day I checked out I showed these itchy spots to someone and they said they thought they were bed bug bites. Called the manager and had to leave a message because it was Sunday. We'll see if he calls me back.

I sure hope I didn't bring them home with me!

6 days after I stayed here (9/22/2012) I began getting bit up every night. After two nights, I had a bed bug dog come in and bed bugs were confirmed. I am in the thousands of dollars in terms of diagnosis, treatment costs, dry cleaning and laundering my clothes. At this point, I will never go on vacation again, it is not worth it.

We checked the beds when we got into our room....nothing.
2nd night there...we saw one crawling across the bed while watching tv...ended up changing to another room that's older than previous and another room after that. Had to vacuum our suitcases and some clothes...ironed all the clothes......
The hotel took our clothes and dry cleaned them...waiting for them to be delivered to me anytime this week now.....

I stayed at the Hilton during a conference last week and was bitten on the face and arms. I've been travelling for work the last 12 years and have never come across bed bugs so I didn't know what it was, in fact I thought I was just having a skin reaction to pregnancy or something. Bed bugs didn't cross my mind until someone told me once they took a look. This hotel was an absolute nightmare for a business traveller, the internet is crap and so is everything else. Very unproductive and filthy,

won't be coming back.

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Writing on behalf of a colleague who had a bedbug encounter but is too shy to come forward:

He woke up with 4 large bites under his arm after staying in room 3123.

The General Manager denied that bed bugs were the culprit, claming his staff checked the bedding. Again, bedbugs are not always easy to spot without the aid of visual instruments, so the hotel cannot possibly rule out bedbugs as the biting agents.

We will no longer be staying at this hotel.

I was bitten last night at the Hilton New York in room 753. I woke up with three large welts on my left arm and immediately suspected bed bugs since I was bitten by one a few years ago in college and spent several weeks going to doctors and hospitals trying to figure out why I had welts all over my skin. Luckly I jumped out of bed in time and found the bug scurrying across the sheets. I immediately killed it with a shoe and took several pictures of the dead bug and my arm with the bites. I calle

d the front desk and they sent security up. The security staff was very nice though they tried to downplay that it was a bed bug. I am not a fool and I have solid proof since I killed the insect and have seen them before. It was bagged by the staff and I was told to fill out an incident report. I will undoubtedly never stay at this hotel again and am still traumatized by the experience since I am very allergic to the bites. Needless to say I will be inspecting every square inch of my luggage, clothes and bags prior to heading back home.

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"And it's ridiculous to say that you see them because they are microscopic and hide until there is no activity (AKA when you are sleeping)."

That's nonsense. Bed bugs are very visible, only the bed bug nimphes, when they not move, on certain surfaces are very hard to notice. Other than that, some people don't have blisters and itching from bites, so if the other people in the room don't have them it doesn't mean that there is no bed bugs. Also, they move around the house, you can see them on

the walls in the night, specially after midnight.

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Bringing a large group to NYC in February and tend to book Hilton for corporate gatherings. I see that other Diamond level members have complained here and not received good treatment.
I take it this hotel is not recommended due to Bed Bug concerns? I'm concerned about booking this hotel and then having my colleagues see this reports. Any suggestions on how to confirm we're safe booking at this hotel?

I'm a college student in NYC and in September 2010 I was convinced my dorm room had bed bugs. I had tiny little bites all over my body and I was really itchy but my roommate wasn't affected. I went to the doctor but it turned out that I gave myself hives from getting worked up about the NYC bedbug "epidemic". So seriously you people need to relax. Go to bed bath & beyond and buy pillow case and mattress covers if you must. They're actually great at keeping out allergens from down feathers. Anywa

ys just relax if you are the only one in the room with "bites" they are not bed bug bites. And it's ridiculous to say that you see them because they are microscopic and hide until there is no activity (AKA when you are sleeping).

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I stayed here in August of 2010. I inspected the corners, the sheets, the mattress etc...and found nothing....except dust.
Spent 3 lovely days in NYC. On the day of departure, I found a live bedbug crawling up the bathroom wall. I put it in a cup, took a picture and called management. It was suggested to me that I may have brought it in. However, after some discussion...I was given lunch and 2 nights complimentary. I was so afraid I would bring home those nasty critters. The hotel did offer t

o clean all my clothes and inspect my luggage.
They told me , too, that they never had a problem there. Clearly, these hotels cannot deny there is a problem anymore. Hopefully, the maintenance staff and housekeeping can keep an eye out for blood stains, bug remnants and eggs.

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I stayed in room 4054 last night. I woke up this morning and I had about 3 bites not far apart on one arm and about 6 bites close together on another. I did not think what it could be and then called someone and shared with them what happened. They had alerted me to this site and shared that there have been many situations reported all over NYC. Great location, but buyer beware.

We stayed at this Hilton from 11/5 to 11/8. Educated by this website and armed with flashlight/silk sleepingbags and trashbags for the luggage, we searched our room 1225 like a CSI investigation. No bed bugs, spotless clean and no bites to report. It is hard to eradicate this problem without everybodies willingness to participate ,that includes the guests. I see much more problems with the trunks of cabs, coat checks and plush theatre seating in NY, then with the actual hotel beds. Enjoy your st

ay at the Hilton, take some precaution and be prepared to be a bed bug snoop!

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October 17-19, 2010. Wife and I inspected room, found no evidence. Took reasonable precautions (luggage not on floors and/or beds, etc). No evidence that any of the critters came back home with us.

wait a minute, you haven't even seen bedbugs at the hotel but because you saw some posts on this site you just assumed that every single person who posts on this site is legit about their reportings. hello it's the internet bud, this site is completely annomoyous there's absolutely no real way to verify whether postings on this site are real without physical proof such as photographs. i am booked in december, and i don't need this stupidity i wanna be able to enjoy my stay and not have panic att

acks over what i read here.

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I called the hotel prior to a stay the last week of October and asked the front desk manager if the hotel had received any reports of bed bugs. He clearly told me that the hotel had received no reports of bed bugs and that they absolutely don't have a problem.
I am returning to NYC and have a reservation at the NYC - Hilton on Ave of the Americas again in early December and looked at this website to see if there were any reports (I wasn't familiar with the website prior to my last trip).

ving found numerous reports of bed bug bites on this website, I called the Front Desk Manager, Mahmood, on November 7 and confronted him with the many reports of bed bugs on this website and the fact that either he or one of his colleagues (I don't recall the name of the first front desk manager I spoke to) lied to me about no incidents of bed bug reports. He said that some of the reports could be food alergies. I then pressed him to say that ALL of the bed bug reports were false - he said he couldn't do so. Hence, the NYC - Hilton on Ave of the Americas has problems with bed bugs and I was LIED to prior to a recent trip and I am a Hilton Diamond member spending 75 nights a year in Hilton properties.
Anyone want to bet on me keeping my December reservation? How about a second bet - my loyalty to the Hilton chain of hotels?

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to the report below me, you were there for 3 nights and only the day you left you're noticing bites? can people only report bed bugs bites if they actually saw bed bugs or had any bites, y'all might think it's all fun and dandy but what about the guests who are booked at this hotel in the coming months that you're making feel nervous over this.


The management of Hilton New York takes the issue of bedbugs very seriously as the safety and comfort of our guests are our top priority. The Hilton New York employs a comprehensive detection program which maintains the highest levels of vigilance. Our housekeeping and maintenance departments collaborate with outside specialists to perform regularly scheduled inspections. In the unlikely and unusual event a guest suspects a problem, the guest is relocated, the area in question is isolated to de

termine whether a problem exists and, if warranted, the situation immediately remedied. Please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] so we may discuss further

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It was the week between Christmas and New Years 2008 at the Hilton on 6th. On the last morning of our trip, I woke up with 4 bites on my chest. At the time, I was hoping it wasn't bedbugs. There were no actual reports in 2008. But, now that I'm reading of others' experiences, they probably were bed bugs. As a precaution when I came home, I stored my luggage in another room for a while and unpacked it away from bedding and rugs, putting everything directly into the washer... so maybe that's why I

didn't have them at home after that.

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We also stayed here from 10/8/2010 - 10/11/2010. No sign of bed bugs at all on the 8th floor in room 851! Nice hotel. Quiet rooms. Glad we kept our reservation too. I would stay there again.

We stayed on the 40th floor from 10/8/10 to 10/11/10. After reading these posts, I almost cancelled my res, but decided to keep it. I checked the room THOROUGHLY with a flashlight when we got there -- mattresses, box springs, dust ruffle, furniture, behind artwork on the walls, etc. etc. Some places were a little dusty, but no sign of bedbug activity whatsoever, and none of us woke up with any bites. Glad we kept our res. Hotel was expensive but an awesome location.

We were worried because we read all of these reports. When we got to the hotel we checked every nook and cranny of our room. It was immaculate. We did not find any bedbugs anywhere and the room was sparkling clean. We stayed in room 3807.We had a wonderful stay without any bed bugs.

My husband & I stayed at the Hilton New York from 6/26-6/29/2010. My husband was bitten by bed bugs numerous times on his torso and undearm. We have notified the Hilton more than 11 times via email and phone calls/messages to resolve this issue, but continue to be ignored. We have been Hilton Honors customers for years. I am VERY disappointed in the Hiltons non-response!

I too stayed at the Hilton NY (Avenue of the Americas) during the week of April 7th,2010. I noticed bites right away but thought they were mosquito bites. Once I suspected that they were bed bug bites, I contacted the Hilton immediately. I went to the doctors and it was confirmed, bed bug bites!! I am so petrified! It is annoying, uncomfortable and no matter what I am doing or saying I always feel like something is biting me and I scratch 24/7. My house, my clothes, everything I own is infest

ed. In the process now of trying to get my house back to normalcy. It’s a shame that a conglomerate such as the Hilton struggles with the fact that there establishments can/do have bed bugs. Do they not know there is an epidemic of bed bugs in new york right now, or do they live in a “plastic” bubble.

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April 6-15, 2010 several bites showed up on my arms and legs after spending 9 days at NYC Hilton. I am dismayed.

I stayed at the Hilton New York the night of June 29th and the bites showed up a couple of days later. It is the only hotel I'd been in for a 2 week period, so I know I got them there, about 9 itchy bites. I'm very disappointed in the hotel and the chain. I'm a GOLD VIP and I'm now looking for a new hotel chain.

Got them too. So pissed. I HATE THE HILTON. I don't even know where to begin now to get rid of them. I have bites all over.

3/4/-3/6/08 I also brought bedbugs home from the Hilton in NYC on 6th and 53rd. The first night I stayed there I couldn't stop itching, the second night was even worse. On the flight back the itching had not stopped but I thought it was just the detergent used on the sheets. When I got home I found a bug on the floor, I know now that it was an engorged bedbug. I suspected that this might be the case since I friend of mine had the same problem at the Hilton. I have both confirmation from the doct

or and exterminator that I indeed have bedbugs. This experience has also been horrifying for me and terribly uncomfortable. I throw out clothing and furniture to be on the safe side. I have been in contact with the Hilton and of course they have denied the claim (which I knew they would). They said that the room checked out and their exterminator saw nothing. I know I didn't have the problem before hand and experienced terrible itching during my stay and after, my question to the Hilton is if I had them before I came then why aren't they in the room now, wouldn't I have brought them in with me, something doesn't add up!!

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I stayed at the Hilton, 1335 Avenue of the Americas in July 2007 and came home with bites in a linear pattern on my side. The Doctor informed me that I had been bitten by bed bugs. Long story short they infested my house and it has been two months. I have paid the exterminator, have had to wrap all my bedding in plastic for weeks before having it dry cleaned, slept with double sided tape around my bed so they get stuck in it, thrown out a chair in my bedroom that became infested and lived a

nightmare. I finally think that they are all killed. They traveled in my suitcase home from the Hilton. The Hilton claims that they have dogs that can sniff them and still have not settled my claim. I am absolutely traumatized by the experience.

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