Hilton Garden Inn New York/West 35th Street
63 W 35th St
New York, NY 11224

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Update: no issues overnight.

I'm staying tonight and inspected my bedspring, mattress, pillows, and bedding, as well as adjacent nightstands and parts of the bedframe.

I did not find any bedbugs, feces, or exoskeletons, but my comforter had what appeared to be old stains. I just asked for a stain-free comforter. The staff was very accomodating and offered me free breakfast which I declined.

No big deal; hopefully no bites in the AM (I'll update this report tomorrow).

Really disappointed after staying here 5 times in the past 3 years to find bites. I kept denying it saying they were mosquito bites but been confirmed.

Was there 6 nights. Terrified now that I've brought them home.

Insure a Heebee-GeeBee® free nights’ sleep when you contract with our Bedbug Detection K-9 Service.

Visitors – When staying in NYC we will work with your hotel management staff and offer a ‘Clean Bill of Health’ for your luggage and hotel room*

Homeowners – We will check your home from end to end . This is important if you’ve traveled recently.

Apartment and Dorm Residents – We will come to your apartment/dorm and ‘sweep’ all rooms and contents for the presence of b

edbugs, Eggs, Larve, and Nymphs.

Offices – We will go to your office and sweep your room (or cubicle) and immediately adjoining rooms or cubicles for the presence of Bedbugs.

Schools – We will work with your child’s school Principal and perform a sweep of the classroom and student’s book bags**


Our dogs are trained to search for the presence of pheromones which are excreted by bedbugs throughout the various stages of their lives including during their period of hibernation which could last several months when you might not see them.

If our dogs alert – we will tell you where. WE ARE NOT EXTERMINATORS. We have NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

Why is this so important?

First and Foremost, we are K-9 Detection professionals, not exterminators who walk around with a dog on a rope. A K-9 Handler needs to know how to read a dog accurately and identify when the dog is in odor.

Next, we do not stand to gain anything by telling you that you have bedbugs, nor do we stand to loose anything by telling you that you don’t. We do not recommend anyone or steer you towards any extermination company.

Lastly, we have received training from and are certified by the City of New York in the Identification and Detection of Bedbugs throughout their various stages of life. No other company can claim this.

*We can not force a Hotel and their staff to comply with our search. There are NO REFUNDS, however you may opt to change the location of your stay and we will allow you a credit towards a search at another Hotel (expenses/fuel/parking apply)

** We do not search people or students EVER. All Rooms are first cleared of people and checked for hazards. Rooms which have undergone treatment for bedbugs must wait 3 weeks since final treatment to be safe for our K-9’s to search effectively.

To schedule a search contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 631-594-2765

see full report...

Stayed 3 nights - extremely clean - no evidence of any bugs.

I'm on my 8th night of a 14 night stay. Very clean hotel...no issues with bed bugs. And, no I don't work for the hotel...I just think a more realistic approach to this website would be reporting of both issue and non-issue stays to be truly balanced.

Stayed for 4 nights June 2012. No bed bugs.

February 2012
Found bites on my face. Flipped the pillow over and there they were on the other side!

Bedbug bites on legs after 4 night stay in August 2009.

Stayed for 3 nights during the first week of August 2011. No bed bugs.

Stayed for one night on July 14, 2011. No bedbugs.

Stayed here July 14, 2011 - NO bedbugs on 19th floor.

Stayed for two nights in July 2011 on the 10th floor. No bedbugs.

No nearby bug reports