Hampton Inn Times Square North
851 8th Ave
New York, NY 10019

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I stayed at Hampton Inn Times Square North from November 8-16, 2015. I had a bad cold so I spent most of my time in the hotel, maximizing my exposure to the room. On about November 10 I noticed that I had several bites on my hands and neck, face. I suspected bedbugs and carefully examined the bed and bedding. I found two bedbugs that day, another two days later. I notified the hotel manager and she and the head housekeeper inspected the bed and changed all the bedding. They found no bedbug

s at that time. The itching rash and swollen bite wounds have continued to this day. I have been taking benydryl and using caladryl and they seem to be slowly receeding now that I am out of the hotel.

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