Hampton Inn Manhatten Times Sq
851 8th Ave
New York, NY
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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I arrived, staff are very jive, went to my room, no problems. Second night I come back after a long day and I go to sleep. I wake up and they are on me! I go running down the hall and down to the office and they gave me new room.

New room. I life mattress up and look under covers... At lease 30 of them!! Cock roaches too. Go back running to front desk, and finally third room.

Room three. No bed bugs. Oh wait. At 3:30 am my friend had bed bugs on his bed. Both of us have bites and got ref

unded, then went to a new hotel and had no problems.

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My husband and I stayed on the 4th floor 12/8-12/12. We found no evidence of bedbugs (and believe me I look!) and have had no problem since returning home. Our room was spotlessly clean. We have stayed at this Hampton 4-5 times in the past few years and have never had a problem of any kind. The staff are extremely helpful. It has become our first choice when we go to New York. I agree with another contributor that the lady from Canada who had the problem most likely picked the bugs up from

the airport. It is common knowledge that airports and luggage from around the world are havens for the bugs.

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I stayed here from Dec 7-9 for business. Very clean hotel. I always remove all bed coverings down to the mattress and lift the mattress up to see the underside. I was on the 3rd floor. No bugs at all.

I am suspicious... I think the numerous posts that say "there were no bed bugs at this hotel" were made by the hotel's management pretending to be satisfied guests.

I stayed at this hotel December 8-13/2011. I checked the mattress and the sheets. No bedbugs were found. No bites were reported by any member of my family of 4

Oct 24, 2011 - No bed bugs at this location. We stayed on 7th floor and we did not encounter bed bugs.

I stayed at this hotel several times before and had no problems with bedbugs. On my most recent stay, May 27-30, 2011 I checked the sheets/bed because I heard the bedbugs epidemic has gotten worse in New York, but found none. I had no bites or itching and will stay here again.

We stayed at this hotel on the 7th floor from 3/6/ll to 3/10/ll. We did a thorough check of the room and mattress (including the underside) and saw no signs of bedbugs. Stayed 4 nights and had no problems but did take the suggestion of another traveller to NYC and kept our luggage and belongings in the very large ziploc bags, washed and dried everything on our return home and isolated our luggage in the bags out in the cold for 2 days. The hotel was fantastic- nice breakfast and even gave us

a breakfast bag to go as we took a cab out on our last morning. Helpful and friendly staff, clean rooms and a great location. Would definitely return to this hotel.

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We stayed at this hotel from 5th to the 10th of october. We had two rooms and checked the matresses and the furniture at arrival and through our stay and saw no bedbugs at all. We will not hesitate to stay at this hotel next time we visit New York. :-)

I stay repeatedly at this hotel and have never had a problem. The woman who had the issue could have easily picked them up from carpet at the airport or from a plane. If this hotel says there was no problem, then I believe them.

Stayed at this hotel 12/12/10 and had no issues. I have to admit, I don't know ALL the signs to look for, but I inspected the mattresses - turned back the sheets and pads, lifted up mattresses, etc - and found no evidence of bugs. No bites during the night. In fact, the hotel was very well maintained and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful.

Our stay from 11/16 to 11/18/2010 was identical to the other recent reports. We thoroughly searched and found not evidence of the pests. We still took all precautions and are glad to report no critters followed us home. Could it be that this problem is mostly media hype? Not like that ever happens, eh?

We stayed at this hotel from 11/9 > 11/12. Checked the room very carefully on arrival and found absolutely NO signs of bed bugs. We have had NO problems since returning home.

I stayed at this hotel from 11/7-11/10 and there was not a bug in sight! I too checked the mattress every day, and was smart about where I put my clothes after being in the city all day etc, making sure not to put them on the bed, etc. Here's hoping there aren't any stowaways on my trip home!

I spent 5 nights at this hotel beginning October 13 with absolutely no problems. I checked for bedbugs every day and never found any evidence of any. It's possible that the person making the previous report picked up the bugs from elsewhere--for example, luggage can pick them up in an airplane or cab.

I would agree with last report. I inspected the room that was in and there was NO indication of Bed Bugs.
The hotel and staff and very professional and make it a point to insure that you have a good stay.

We stayed at this hotel from Sept 27 to Oct 1. 2010. There were no bed bugs. It is a lovely hotel. I would recommend it to all.

We can assure you that the management of the Hampton Inn Times Square North Hotel takes bedbug reports very seriously.
Once we were informed of the guest’s itchiness we had our Housekeeping Manager immediately inspect the room. The guests also informed the hotel that they had been allergic to certain types of laundry detergents, thus possibly causing this reaction. The Housekeeping manager inspected the room including under the mattress and found no sign of bed bugs. At that point we repl

aced all old sheets with new sheets that had been washed with a fragrance free hypoallergenic free detergent. It is only upon the guest return from their New York City trip we were informed that the guest physically saw bed bugs. Previous to this there was no actual sighting of bed bugs.

Upon this notification from our guests we immediately dispatched our Housekeeping Manager to the room to inspect it and we placed the room in “do not rent” status at once. Simultaneously, we notified our pest control company Ecolab who responded to the hotel on the same day. Suspected room as well as adjoining rooms were inspected by Ecolab for possible activity. A certificate was then issued by Ecolab to say that the room is bed bug free.

The hotel also uses a trained certified K-9 program which involves bed bug dogs to detect bed bugs by scent and this effective inspection is part of our pest control program on a regular basis.

We hope this information is helpful and please feel free to reach out to our hotel directly should you have any further questions.

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I had a very bad experience at this hotel during the week of Sept. 5..2010. I would suggest that the first sign of itching and bite marks to immediately vacate/check out. I was told there was an epedimic in NY, by the hotel management. They checked my room, but left no indication that there was a problem. I wrote it off that perhaps I had an allergic reaction to the bed sheet's detergent. The night I arrived home from my trip I was awoken by sheets full of bed bugs. I even have evidence of

the little critters. The little vermin made it all the way back from the USA to Canada with me. The hotel claimed there was no problem and that there were no extermination requirements (and an exterminator invoice provided showed a report of no sign of bugs). But the symptoms all pointed to my stay at this hotel. Beware, make sure you check the bottom of the mattress. (I did not do this). They are very resiliant creatures and now I have the problem in my home.

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