Grand Hyatt New York
109 E 42nd St
New York, NY

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I was a guest at the Grand Hyatt New York as part of a 2-day conference. The night I returned home I noticed about 15 bites on both feet/legs - smaller than a mosquito bite, red, and somewhat raised. They itched for a few days. I called the hotel the following day to report the incident. I was advised the room would be pulled from inventory and inspected by an independent company. Two days later, I was told there was no evidence of activity. I asked for a copy of the report which indicated si

milar: "during inspection no activity noted." I expressed concern about the brief report. I didn't leave my home state (for the conference) with any bites on my legs and later received confirmation from my personal physician that I did receive bug bites. I arrived Monday, 12/14/15 and left Wednesday, 12/1615.

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Stayed there two nights (Sept 24/25, 2013) and encountered bed bugs the first night. Saw it climbing on clothes and experienced bites both nights.

Reported it to the GM who said they take it seriously and would be sending and inspector up as well as emailing us the results. A week later, still have not heard a thing!

I stayed there for four nights from March 14th to the 18th, and I had no problems whatsoever. I enjoyed myself a lot, and all of the staff were so nice, I literally became friends with some of them. No bed bugs for me, definitely! Loved it!

My wife and a friend stayed here on the 17th floor on Easter weekend 2013. NO bugs reported. Very clean room. Good experience.

September 2012
Stayed four nights over Labor Day weekend and the hotel was a pleasure to stay at. NO bed bugs whatsoever, crisp, clean rooms, staff was great. Checked all the places bed bugs breed, nothing, very reassuring. Was there for the USTA conference and US Open. Concierge was excellent, suggested Fabio's one rainy night, restaurant was superb and reasonable. I would definitely go back to this hotel.

My two kids, sister, mom and I stayed here (in 2 different rooms) in May of 2012 and saw NO SIGN OF BEDBUGS at all. We stayed on the 23rd and 24th floors and we stayed for 4 nights. We were not particularly careful with our belongings - left stuff on the floor, for example - because I was stupid and didn't check the registry before we went (we didn't have a choice where to stay because we went with a tour group). However, we had NO problems and saw no signs of bugs of any kind. We've been home f

or a week now and still no signs of any problems. I would HIGHLY recommend this establishment for its cleanliness and hospitality.

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Stayed here on 4/13/12 & 4/14/12 on 31st floor. Did not find any bed bugs. Hotel was very clean.

Just stayed here Aug 3 & 4 2011, my sister and I shared a room. I was still a little apprehensive but checked the room thourghly and was pleasantly surprised to find nothing. It was very clean & comfy and without hesitation I will recommend a stay at this hotel to anyone. It is very centralized to all I was hoping to see. Staff is very friendly and I'm looking forward to the new lobby once all the remodeling is done.

We have stayed in this hotel many times and always find a fresh and immaculae room - this time we had booked two connecting rooms for three nights each - no bedbugs, clean drinking glasses, shining bathrooms. Love this chain

Stayed two nights - 3/4/11-3/6/11.


We were delighted. Very clean and lovely place.

Stayed at Grand Hyatt, NYC Jan 28-30, sixteenth floor. Did not see any signs of bedbugs...really did not think much about an infestation in such a well named hotel. Previous reports of bugs seemed to have the management taking a closer look at such a nasty pest. Keep up the good work, a very nice place to stay.

Stayed on the 31th floor in this hotel from Jan 27-30 2011, no bedbugs. We checked as soon as we entered the room and every thing was ok. Still we took the precaution and kept belongs off the floor.

We just returned from the Grand Hyatt in NYC staying 2 nights Saturday and Sunday 12/4/2010 - 12/5/2010. Didn't see any bedbugs, didn't get any bites. Upon arrival I thoroughly checked the room for bedbugs or signs of bedbugs. I removed all the sheets from both beds including the box spring cover. I even pulled both the mattress and box spring off the frame and checked everywhere with a flashlight (which I packed just for the occasion). Not leaving anything to chance we kept 2 suitcases in the b

athroom and the other on the luggage rack in the closet. All coats were hung in the closet at all times and nothing was left on the bed or floor - even our shoes were stored on the shelf in the closet while we slept. Dirty cloths were stored in a trash bag (again in the bathroom) and washed immediately when we got home.

We have taken our family to NYC and stayed at the Grand Hyatt every December for the last 5 years and have never had a single problem or incident. The staff is always friendly and helpful and the rooms have always been clean. After reading several other stories about bedbugs in hotels we simply took extra precautions this year just in case.

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I stayed in this hotel for two nights teh Columbus Day weeked (October 9-11) and had no problems with bed bugs. I was a little worried becaause of the reports by some others, but based on my own experience I would not hesitate to stay here again and I don't see any reason to avoid this hotel because of concerns about bedbugs.

We stayed at the Grand Hyatt in NY on 10/9/10. I had researched the hotel ahead of time and knew of the possibility of bed bugs at this hotel. When we got there, I made sure to take all precautions and checked the mattress, box springs, headboard and dressers for ANY evidence of bedbugs. There was NO evidence in our room. The mattress and box springs were clean with no staining or spotting whatsoever. We stayed there one night and all was well. Our luggage was stored on the luggage rack onl

y and I am washing all clothes in hot water as I type this with extra time in the dryer just as an added precaution.

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I read the report for this hotel AFTER I reserved a room, so I was a little worried about the possibility of bed bugs.

I DID NOT experience any bed bugs at the Grand Hyatt New York during my short stay from September 25-27, 2010. I slept soundly for two nights, and I even woke up around 5-6am just to look under the covers for any possible bugs....I saw nothing that would lead me to think there was a problem at this least in my room and floor.

The room was clean and contemporar

y. I thought the hotel was very nice. I would definitely stay there again. The convenience of the big subway hub just two doors down was great.

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August 27-29, 2010, business trip. Woke up on the 29th with 4 bedbug bites (all in a row on my left arm). I had bedbugs a few years ago in South America so I know what the bites look like on me, and I am very allergic. I searched the bed but didn't see any signs of them. Could have been in the carpet or chairs or bureau. I reported it to the hotel but haven't heard anything.

I just came back from a business trip in NY, i stayed at the grand hyatt for 2 nights Sunday 14 and Monday 15 of March.
I checked out on Tuesday 16th and i started seeing some tiny red marks on my hands, arms and face, within the next 24 hours this marks have developed to blister like red bumps, i have in excess of 50 and they are very itchy.
This has ruined the rest of my business trip and made me very worried.
I will seek legal action against the hotel once i get all the right documentation

and proof in order.
In the meantime i urge you not to stay there unless you want your holiday or business trip to turn into a nightmare.
They should be ashamed, a 5star expensive hotel should not subject its guests to that

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November 9-11 Dirty sheets and then bedbugs followed shortly afterward. These went undiagnosed ruined my Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stayed at the Grand Hyatt over New Year's weekend. Immediately upon returning to D.C. I started noticing bites. They seem to be clearing up now, although I'm paranoid they may have traveled home with me or my boyfriend. I cannot "prove" the bugs were there of course, but I am highly suspicious. I urge you to be cautious if you stay there. Use the luggage rack, etc.

I recently attended at wedding in NYC and stayed at the Grand Hyatt for 4 nights, September 24-27, 2009. Room 2402. We had no other stops on our trip.

I returned home with over 100 bed bug bites on my thights, arms, hip area and under my chin. Bed bugs have a characteristic pattern of biting and mine is classic. I saw a doctor on October 6th who confirmed my suspicion.

My husband phoned the Grand Hyatt to inform them that I was covered with bed bug bites following my stay at their hote

l. We received a fax today, October 19th with a report showing no bed bugs found in the room. B---S---. Like they would really fax us a report revealing infestation in their hotel.

If you decide to stay at the Grand Hyatt, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!

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August 5th - 8th, 2009 Room 2567
Two friends and I took a girls trip to NYC and stayed at the Grand Hyatt. Me and one friend shared the same bed all four nights and both of us came home bitten by bed bugs. I received a medical diagnosis and have pictures of the bites. The first day home my friend called the front desk supervisor to tell him of the situation. He was non-chalant about the problem and said he'd look into it. I called the next day to file a formal complaint and upper mgmt said

that he'd first have to remove the occupants from the room (this should have been done the day before). They did a formal inspection of the room with their company of choice and sent me (after two requests) a simple report that stated no bed bugs were found. The insurance agency would not help us as well. All that we requested was to be reimbursed for our hotel stay and medical expenses. They refused all requests. This hotel not only costs us $300 a night, but time off from work, medical expenses, and time lost re-washing every piece of clothing that we had taken with us. I strongly recommend that you DO NOT stay at this hotel.

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