Four Seasons New York
57 E 57th St
New York, NY
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I stay at this hotel several times a year and have never, ever had any issues with bedbugs. Not the Four Seasons. The "reports" I'm seeing on here are fabricated, just people trying to get attention, for whatever reason. This is the only place I stay, it's the best in town, you cannot get any better than this.

We stayed at Four Seasons/NYC during a reunion weekend and there were no issues what so ever. Actually, the room we stayed in was quite meticulous! Housekeeping apparently does a stellar job, it showed, and I would not hesitate in staying at Four Seasons in the future. The hotel continues to get top Conde Nast reviews and it does not disappoint.

This is in response to the posting of "Ate Up" from August 31, 2010

Dear Sir, Madam,

With reference to your comments about your stay at Four Seasons New York, I would like to take the opportunity and reach out to you. Please know that we take every complaint very seriously and that the Hotel will continue take reasonable measures for the prevention, detection and eradication of bedbugs in the guest rooms. We go to great lengths to train our staff to detect, and we have the industries best

pest control companies as partners.

It is difficult for us to elaborate any further to your comments, simply for the fact that we do not have a room #222 or #225 and I had not heard of your comments previously. Please feel free to reach out to me and I would love the opportunity to discuss this any further.

Pascal Forotti
Hotel Manager

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We stayed there this week for our end of summer vacation. I wish we hadn't because we have bites all over us from bed bugs. My husband woke up itching and that of course woke me up, he went into the bathroom to see why he was itchy and while he was in there I turned on the bed side light and was shocked to see about 6 little bugs all over in our bed!!!!! I immediately called down to the desk and reported it and they moved us to another room (2 doors down) and that room had them too! This is

soooooo gross!! Then they had the nerve to say we must have brought them with us??! Are you kidding me?! If we did we carried them in our belongings from the 1st room 225 by the way, into the other room 222. The daytime manager came in about 8am and he told us they have a problem that is being 'dramatically tackled" and then apologized but offered NO REFUND. So needless to say we left and came back to CA. early and ended our end of summer vacation and we threw books that we bought there away and had to keep other items in plastic bags for a few days to kill any that may have tagged along. I still shutter at this nightmare. Then I find this site only to see that NY is bed bug capital of the world?! NEVER AGAIN! These things sort of look like ticks and then even that depends on if they just 'fed' or not...ICK!!!

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Ick - we were guests at this hotel and the bedbugs were awful. The manager then DENIED that they existed. Disgusting.

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