Empire Hotel New York
63 Central Park W, 44 W
New York, NY

Found 8 reports:

Stayed at the hotel 18-20 December 2019. Woke after the first night with a bug bite. Woke the 2nd night with approximately 30 bites in a line and zig zag pattern that resemble bed bug bites.

Stayed at Empire Hotel May 2-5 2014 . I was with my mother.She has 6 bites around her neck in a row We don't know what they are but ......it doesn't look good.The Hotel isn't worth the money.... seems the more you spend the less service you get.Cold showers and broken elevators. 31/2 -4 stars .....I don't think so!!!!!

I am at the Empire today. My husband woke up with six bites. They've been slow to respond. Paying 3000 dollars for this hotel stay. The service in general is TERRIBLE. I asked for a lamp yesterday and it never showed. The front desk takes 20 rings to answer and I've been hung up on multiple times. I'm as nice as they get. The hotel rooms are visibly dirty. So disappointed.

I stayed here recently and woke up with a few bites....not sure what they were from, hoping I had been unknowingly bitten by some mosquitos when I was out the night before I went home the next day and brought the bed bugs with me...Now our house is infested.

I got about two dozen bed bug bites from an overnight stay here in late September 2012. It was my first time getting bitten by bed bugs, so I didn't realize what it was until after I'd left.

I stayed at this hotel in July 2012. I was on my bed and a bug started walking across it. I called downstairs and a guy came up and did a quick room check. He said he did not find anything and would have an exterminator check the room out and give me a report. I never got one. The next day, I saw an exterminator with a bug spray can going into a room on my floor and saw the trash men removing mattresses.

I stayed in room 220 on July 14th (last night) and when i went in the bathroom in the morning i saw 4 what i thought were baby roaches on the floor about 10 more what i thought were baby roaches in the shower. The scurried quickly. I have no idea if they were bed bugs or baby roaches since they look alike.

No noticeable bedbugs. But this is no 4 star hotel.

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