DoubleTree by Hilton New York City - Financial District
8 Stone St
New York, NY 10004

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What a horrible experience,
I spent 3 very expensive nights at the Double tree hilton financial district with my mom, sister and best friend for my wedding dress shopping trip.....24-27th october 2014
I returned home to jamaica and realised i had about 10-12 huge bite marks ( about the size of large marbles) on my left shoulder, both elbows and even in the web space between my right thumb and index finger. (as you can probably tell by the anatomical detail I'm a medical doctor).

I am so

pissed off.....when i realised that these bites must be bed bugs ....they are much larger and intensely more itchy than any mosquito bite i have ever had.

Since then i have been unable to stop itching the bite marks .....and have been waking up constantly throughout the night by by the urge to scratch the bites. Despite my best efforts with antihistamine and topical steroid creams i can't seem to stop the itch......Im hoping and praying it won't scar.

Im so annoyed....from the looks of the other reports
bed bugs is a common problem in nyc.

I will def think again before i book any trips to NYC

sigh ....

sincerely a truly pisssed off customer.

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