Days Inn
790 8th Ave
New York, NY

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We can assure you that the management of the Hilton Garden Inn Times Square takes bedbug reports very seriously. This guest made a call to the hotel 2-days after checking out, stating that he opened his luggage and had bugs jumping up and down. The bugs that were described were not bed bugs, but sounded like flees. We immediately dispatched our Housekeeping Manager to thoroughly inspect the room and found no evidence of any bugs. We also contacted our exterminating service, Ecolab to inspect

the room the same day. Again no evidence of any bugs was found.

We also assured the guest that we have no bed bugs issues at our hotel or any other bugs. We do not even permit pets in the hotel. In speaking with the guest, he admitted having a family pet at home.

It is quite possible that the bugs that were found in the luggage were from any number of places in transit; trunks of cabs, airlines, etc. All the hotel can assure is that they were not picked from our us.

The hotel also uses trained certified K-9 program which involves bed bug detecting dogs which inspect every guest room several times a year as a precautionary measure.

We hope this information is helpful and please feel free to reach out to our hotel directly should you have any further questions.

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The hotel at this address is a Hilton Garden Inn.

During a weekend stay from March 11-March 13, 2011 several bug bites were suffered to the arms, chest, and back in linear and clustered patterns. Upon arrival home, more bites were sustained and several bugs were found in our luggage and clothes.

We called the hotel to complain but they claimed they don't have a bed bug problem and refused to give our money back or to comp us in any way.

We are now treating our house, which will cost in

excess of $2000. Thanks, Hilton, for the gift that keeps on giving.

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