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We went to NYC for a great birthday celebration for my daughter. I was hesitant about staying in New York with the bed bug problem. We stayed at the Sheraton New York and the hotel was fabulous. Unfortunately, we also made FAO Schwartz part of our trip. We also bought a stuffed animal for our daughter. The stuffed animal is now in a trash bag in our shed. We need to call an exterminator and my daughter has bite marks all over. She has been to the doctors for this incident.


the record- I did contact the store who insists the problem didn't come from the store.

My husband and I have had no issues.

If you visit New York City please don't buy any stuffed animals from FAO Schwartz or any other toy store. We now have to pay copayments, time off from work, exterminators etc for what should've been the greatest birthday ever for a 6 year old.

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I bought some plush animal toys at FAO Schwarz for my grandson. I told a friend What I had just bought and she told me to check the toys as she had found some in hers a few days earlier. In the cab, I decided to look at the toys and sure enough. Bedbugs!
I was on my way to Toronto so when I got to the airport I just tossed the whole bag (toys, books, candy and all) into the trash!

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