Crowne Plaza-Times Square
1605 Broadway
New York, NY

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We stayed at the hotel in April. No problems whilst there. A few weeks after returning home, I was covered in bites for weeks until the penny dropped as to what was biting me. It was the only hotel we had been to, so the only conclusion was they came home with us! It was very stressful but fortunately we seem to have banished them after spending money getting the professionals in!

Approximately 20 bites from two nights. Woke up on second morning itchy and actually found two bed bugs IN the bed... One on the pillow and one on the bedskirt. Hotel was very accommodating. They dry cleaned my clothing and took my life luggage to disinfect and gave me a new room. After a night in the new room, I noticed a few more bites. They dry cleaned my remaining clothes again and agreed to move me to the Hilton, where I had no issues. The hotel also provided me with meal and drink tickets

as a nice gesture, so I was impressed with how it was handled, at least.

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Stayed here 4/19 -4/23/15 on 17th floor.. First night home had bites on both arms and side. We somehow brought the bedbugs back with us and now our home is infested.

Bites all up and down both forearms and on the side of my torso. Hotel management had an "inspector" say they found nothing in the room. Two days later and the bites are swollen welts.

Bites all over my right foot. 5/20/2011

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