Cosmopolitan Hotel
95 W Broadway
New York, NY

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I stayed at the hotel for 3 nights in mid-Oct 2015, and got 3 bites while I was there, and thought it was just a flea. But then came home, and unfortunately realized that the bugs came home with me - and since then, it's become much worse- entire body covered in bites. It's definitely bed bugs, we've found evidence of their bodies, molted skins. All from that DARN HOTEL! :( BEWARE!!

Our family of 4 stayed at this hotel from January 2 -5 and there were definately no bedbugs. We searched the room before unpacking and left most of our stuff in plastic bags just in case... and there were absolutely no signs of "the enemy".
Quick tip: Ziploc brand makes bigger bags that are perfect for packing. They can be found at your local hardware store in the storage department.

Stayed at the Cosmo on 9-10 and 9-11-2013,, No issues stayed in room 220,had a wonderful experience. Definitely "NO BED BUGS".. The toughest part of the trip was all the street construction and the 90 degree weather.. GREAT STAY ....NO BED BUGS

I stayed in this hotel on June 6 and 7, 2013, and got a room in the 7th floor. Got itchy in the morning, and I tried to brush it off. But I felt itchy throughout the day. I asked the staff to change my linens on the second night, and they did, but I got even more bites, so I guess the bedbugs are embedded in the mattresses and pillows. Days after I've left the hotel, I still get itchy, although I've immediately placed my clothes in the washing machine with the hottest setting, and took a hot sh

ower immediately upon reaching home. It's just so inconvenient. This hotel should be changing their linens every day, and investing in changing beddings, and other materials that bedbugs would potential hide in.

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Family of 5. We stayed a week in this hotel, a room on the 5th floor and we weren't bitten nor have we seen or felt any bug. Everything was ok.

Anyone know or have experiences after year 2011? Id like to know very much whats the situation at the moment?

Stayed here 10/18/11 - 10/23 and was bitten several times by bed bugs.

Bedbugs hopped along in my luggage. Days later I had around 15-20 bites all on my legs.

September 30, 2011. Room 209. Woke up at 4 am itchy and have some bites already. Could be fleas since around ankles. Either way wanted to report.

stayed 4 nights in May 2011.
2 different rooms in our party and both got

I stay at this hotel once or twice a year and have since 2007 and have had a different room each stay.

I always check for bed bugs as I had a bout with them in LA a few years back and I have never had any bites nor seen and evidence of bed bugs at this hotel.
My stays are usually 4-5 days in duration and never a problem.

I plan to stay next spring (2011) and I have no concern about bed bugs.

Have stayed in this hotel many times over the last three years and just recently stayed in Room 205 during Labor Day weekend . . . no bed bugs on any visit!

Stayed in a mini loft room (unknown number) November 28, 2009. Found several bites the next day, thought it was an allergic reaction to something until I figured out it was bed bugs.

Stayed at the Cosmopolitan Hotel Nov 28-Dec 3, 2009 in room 505. I woke up with several bites on my face and 2 on my hand. Thought they were spider bites. The next day I got a couple more bites. Wanted to move to another room but my room mates slept in other beds and had not received any bites. When I went home I went to a dermatologist and she said they were bedbug bites. They were very itchy and red and liquid came out of the blisters. I called the hotel to report what happened. The manager sa

id he appreciated me calling and said that he would give me a free one night stay but who would return after that experience?

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