Buckingham Hotel
101 W 57th St
New York, NY

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i stayed there between the 23 and 26 oct 2010, i was very happy to find NO carpeting as i was worried with the last news about bed bugs in ny hotels. no sign of them!!!! one mattress was unconfortable and was immediatelt changed. every employee has been helpful smiley kind. nothing luxurious, but it doesn't promise that, rooms are very spacious with a kitchenette. Altogether a very nice experience.

Buckingham Hotel w57th and 6th New York City. We stayed at the Buckingham from 13th of May to the 19th. First night stayed in 11D. Too Dirty. Next night stayed in 16F. Very noisy. Last few nights stayed in 6D. This is the room where my husband was bitten by BedBugs. Friday late afternoon on the 15th of May He lay down for a nap and pulled a blanket over himself. An hour later he got up and complained of bites which looked like hives but became filled with fluid and had a spot in the center.

He must have had 20 on his back, legs, neck and arms and hands. I asked the hotel if they had bed bugs and they said NOT TO MY KNOWLEDGE.
We called a Doctor (650$US)
He gave my Husband 3 needles (1500$US)
Prescribed drugs(1800$US)
We got home and saw the Specialist right away and She said that it looked like bed bugs (a very bad reaction on my husband's part) and definitely not a Methycillin Resistant Staph Infection that the Doctor had diagnosed.
Hotel very dirty, linens old and not clean, walls covered in hand prints and very grimy looking.I rearranged the blinds on the windows and my hands came away black with dirt. we changed rooms 3 times and should really have left hotel after first night.

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on March 18, 2009 4 of our team members stayed at this hotel and one brought bedbugs home

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