Bowery Hotel Bar
353 Bowery
New York, NY 10003-7140

Found 4 reports:


I was bitten all weekend. Initially, I thought it was the 'room' or cubicle. But I figured out it was actually the blankets.

When I sat down on the couches the next day something jumped on my lap.

One of the receptionists, said they fumigate regularly, offered to switch my room and was shocked. The other one didn't seem that shocked and didn't write anything down.

Stayed at the bowery hotel over the weekend 9/11-9/13 and im covered in bites. I called the hotel and they seemed not to care. I didnt get any on 9/11. I feel as if it may be from their lobby as i was bitten up on the 12th and was having drinks there that night. For $500 a night and $20 for bed bugs.

Bitten in two rooms during stay at The Bowery Hotel last week - first room confirmed to have bugs on 7.21.11 and then when moved more bites appeared. Hotel confirmed second room had bed bugs on 7.22.11

Client staying @Bowery Hotel was bitten in her room yesterday. Hotel confirmed her room had bed bugs and fumigated. July 21, 2011

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