Best Westernpresident Hotel
234 W 48th St
New York, NY

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The morning after we checked in we found 2 bed bugs crawling on the mattress on my side of the bed. My fiance killed them by squeezing them with a piece of toilet paper and they were full of blood. We got in contact with the hotel staff and we asked them to look into the issue, and we resumed our activities in the city as we were on vacation. After we returned to the hotel room a few hours later, they had moved everything out of our room and placed us in another one without even giving us notice

or a phone call. We were very upset and this time we talked to the manager, which to top it all, was very nonchalant about the situation and seem almost as if he didn't believe us. A week later, I started developing these horrible, itchy blisters on both my arms, and a few on my legs. I cannot explain how bothersome they are, and how ashamed I feel of having my arms uncovered to the point where I wear sweaters everywhere I go. Stay away from this nasty hotel, where housekeeping even throws the "clean" towels on the elevator floor as a mean to transport them, not even on a cart.

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